Involta Insights Episode Four: A Glimpse into the Future with Involta’s CEO


Last week Involta celebrated the expansions of not one, but TWO of our data centers in our East Region. Expanding during a pandemic offers all sorts of challenges – especially when it comes to hosting a celebration. We typically invite customers, partners, elected officials and local celebrities – this year we took it virtual.

In the meantime, we were also putting together the latest episode of Involta Insights featuring our Co-founder and CEO, Bruce Lehrman. While we marked our Pittsburgh and Cleveland facilities’ increased capacity with virtual ribbon-cutting ceremonies and guest speakers, we must acknowledge how far Involta has come as a company and how it all began back in 2007. At the same time, we must also consider how drastically the world has changed, and how Involta’s vision for the future will play a critical role for many organizations as they move forward.

During this impactful episode of Involta Insights, we get up close and personal with Bruce Lehrman, as he shares his original vision and how it has taken shape as the award-winning company Involta has become today. Additionally, Bruce highlights the remarkable team culture at Involta, including how our team stepped up during the recent Derecho Storm that ravaged Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where Involta is headquartered. Putting customers first and providing support across the entire team, Involta’s employees truly exemplified People Who Deliver and are working hard to make #IowaStrong again.

A Look Ahead

With so much evolving in how we work and live, Bruce talks more about what Involta is doing as an organization to support “Generation Work From Anywhere.” In addition, this exclusive interview discusses Involta’s focus on bringing efficiency closer to the end-user through our comprehensive Edge strategy, specifically designed to help power efficiencies and advancements for our customers.

This episode also takes a deeper dive into enhanced security, another vital area that Involta has really ramped up focus and investment in over the last several years. Driven by the proliferation of data generation and consumption, Bruce provides powerful insight into how Involta enables some of the nation’s most successful companies with best-in-class security for their mission-critical data and so much more.

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