Involta Insights Episode Two: Innovation Takes Center Stage


Even during difficult times, people drive results. At Involta, our team is continually evolving and developing innovative, modern and flexible solutions designed to transform organizations across the country.

As the world heads into a digitally-driven future, Involta is powering the way with our world-class team built on innovation and a dedication to helping clients “Get There.” Leading our innovative mission is Michelle Bates, recently named CIO of the Year by the Technology Association of Iowa. As one of the industry’s few female CIOs, Michelle has immensely contributed to Involta’s position as a future-driven, industry leader.

Earlier this month, we filmed our second episode of Involta Insights from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, featuring our fierce, award-winning Chief Innovation Officer, Michelle Bates. During this impactful episode, Michelle discusses what’s on the horizon for Involta and how we support digital transformation and engage with our clients at any stage in their journey. Additionally, Michelle gave an analogy we would like to sneak preview:

“With our holistic approach, we want to help our customers build out and create healthy environments, thinking of us as a wellness provider rather than an urgent care provider.”

Keeping businesses healthy, despite disruption is what we do best. With innovation at our core, we will continue to embrace it, empowering our clients to move forward. Watch our latest Involta Insights installment and learn about Involta’s hybrid cloud approach, cutting-edge solutions, intelligent consulting services and more on how Involta is expanding to bring clients closer to the edge. Moreover, you’ll be delighted to meet Iowa’s CIO of the Year, Involta’s Michelle Bates, as she delivers powerful insight into Involta.

Fun Fact: Michelle grew up in the land of the Amish and never dreamed of having the opportunity to help organizations transform their business, leveraging technology.

Be sure to check back next month as we take Involta Insights back to Cedar Rapids to speak with Ken Kremer, Involta’s Chief Operating Officer.

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