Involta’s Enterprise Edge Event Available On Demand: Tour Our Akron Facilities and Hear From Experts on the Future of Edge


Involta, in partnership with Datacenter Dynamics, held an innovative broadcast that aired live on December 6, 2022, and is now available on demand. The DCD>Data Center Tour series explored Involta’s concurrently-maintainable facilities in Akron, Ohio. During the event, attendees were able to gain insights from Involta leadership and other key industry leaders, including experts from Datacenter Dynamics, Banner Health and IoT Consortium. As part of the event, these renowned thought leaders participated in a ‘live Q&A’ session to answer today’s most pressing edge-related questions, along with an interactive roundtable exploring the enterprise edge and its critical use cases spanning healthcare, manufacturing and more.

Enterprise Edge Broadcast Sessions, Topics and Speakers

Panel: The race to build the enterprise Edge – What will it look like, and who will house it?

Speakers include:

Facility tour and Live Q&A

Speakers include:

Roundtable: Growing the North American Edge – What opportunities exist for expansion?

Speakers include:

What to Expect: Enterprise Edge Use Cases, Trends and Future

Discussions revolved around the high demand for digital transformation as a focus for data centers in the coming years. The growth of IoT and 5G is geared to prove record network speeds, estimated to grow to more than 180 zettabytes by 2025. Although the want for this growth is anticipated, logistics will also be a deciding factor as enterprises continue to contemplate whether latency-sensitive workloads are better housed in the cloud, on-premise or outsourced to a colocation facility.

Thought leaders provided great insight during the broadcast into the case for edge expansion opportunities across North America and how certain circumstances, such as the pandemic, have affected enterprise edge strategy and influenced the future of edge. Participants also learned more about how an edge strategy can expand an outsourced deployment model and help close the edge gap for the enterprise.

As a special feature, attendees could also take a virtual tour of and explore the world-class Akron facilities, getting a sneak peek at what makes this market unique.

Those attending this sought-after event were able to take a deeper dive into the edge and walk away with a better understanding of the latest enterprise-edge market trends across the U.S. and the future of edge colocation.

“Involta has been delivering the edge in secondary markets for 15 years – before edge was what it is today,” said Michelle Moran, SVP of Sales, Product and Marketing, Involta. “Edge is now one of the fastest-growing markets, and enterprises across the most critical industries, including healthcare, manufacturing and financial services are adopting it to enable better customer experiences in today’s demanding landscape. This broadcast is a great opportunity for Involta to lead this exclusive enterprise edge discussion with Data CenterDynamics to deliver the insights needed to help evolve the next generation of edge data centers.”

To watch this exclusive future of enterprise edge data center broadcast, click here to stream on-demand.

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