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Involta Security Operations Center (SOC)


Companies of all sizes are under attack. Yet every day our customers are operating securely and meeting compliance mandates. They know that cybercriminals are so advanced that only a trained team has the special skills needed to win the daily battles.

How does your business stack up?

Do you know where your business falls on the cybersecurity preparedness scale? If you don’t, we’ve got your back. The primary role of Involta’s Security Operations Center, otherwise known as SOC, is to serve our clients with innovative and advanced security solutions. Our SOC includes a dedicated team of security professionals who ensure a proactive approach to security threats and intrusions, both internal and external, by constantly analyzing and monitoring your business. It acts as a central command post across an organization’s IT infrastructure, which includes networks, devices, applications and information stores as threats are posed on a variety of sources.

All security plans must include the basics: management, detection and response, but the layers may vary depending on your business needs. Involta’s SOC has two different service routes your business can take, Essentials and Professional. These SOC services allow your security team to focus on business goals and planning for your organization’s future, while our team monitors and protects your business 24/7/365.

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