Involta + Veeam: Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Backup Solutions


What on earth would we do without Microsoft Office? For most organizations, the suite of services is an essential part of conducting business. It’s familiar. It’s easy to use. It’s collaborative and cloud-based. We’d all be a little lost without Office 365 – but many organizations run the risk of downtime and lost data because they’re missing a critical component: backups.

Unlimited Backup for Microsoft Office 365

Involta has always provided our clients with backup for Microsoft Office 365, but we’re excited to take things to the next level. We’re removing the limits so our clients never have to worry about their data in the event of a disaster. That means protection and access to critical data in the event of a data mishap. Honest mistakes happen all the time. Unfortunately, so do deliberate, malicious attacks.

  • Accidental Deletion
  • Employee Turnover
  • Internal Security Threats
  • External Security Threats
  • Natural Disasters

Unlimited backup allows organizations to access a current version of their environment – instead of an archive that’s anywhere from days to weeks old. No more data loss. No more filling in the gaps. Just reliable, accessible backups that will keep teams working, customers happy and business moving ever forward.


With teams spread across remote locations, important conversations and decisions often happen via email. Protect email servers, email accounts, calendars, contact lists, notes, and more, so you won’t risk losing critical emails, information or data.


Teams is an amazing application that enables collaboration from anywhere. Backing up conversations, calendars, files and more, means important information won’t get lost in the abyss.

SharePoint and OneDrive

Companies share and store data, documents, ideas and more in SharePoint and OneDrive. Imagine the impact of losing your SharePoint site and all the files contained within. It’d be painful. Don’t let it happen!

Does Microsoft Backup Office 365?

No. Microsoft does not back up Office 365 – that’s the client’s responsibility. A common misconception people have about the value of using Office 365 is that there is no need to backup data because Microsoft does all that work. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

In a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution like Office 365, Microsoft is responsible for maintaining the global infrastructure to keep its services running. You, on the other hand, are responsible for maintaining and protecting the data you store in Office 365.

You don’t own, nor do you have access to, the replicas Microsoft creates for redundancy purposes. To make copies of your data and store those copies in a separate location, you need to implement a backup and recovery strategy using a third-party solution.

That’s where IT service providers come into play. Involta offers cloud backup and replication services for our clients. As a Veeam Platinum CSP, Involta provides our clients with the industry’s best cloud backup solutions. This partnership offers fast, secure, unlimited cloud backup of Veeam’s full suite of cloud backup products, backed by the power of Involta.

Office 365 Backup Best Practices

  1. Backup Early and Often – Trust us, if a disaster strikes, you don’t want to be stuck with 2-week old data. So much changes during that timeframe! It’s essential that you’re able to recover a current version of your data, so your teams don’t waste time recreating work.
  2. Stay On Top of User Access – Employees come and go. It’s the nature of business, and in today’s climate, it’s happening faster and more often than ever. It’s important to have a process for closing out user accounts after an employee departs – don’t leave doors open for malicious activity.
  3. Consult Legal and Compliance – It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to compliance and legal issues. What if you need to access emails or files that someone deleted maliciously? What are you allowed to do? Check with legal to be sure you’re always in compliance.
  4. Create Redundancies – If all your critical business data is stored in the cloud, store your backups in a data center. That way, if the cloud goes down, your backups will still be available. Always smart to cover all the bases.
  5. Document Your Backup Process – See #2 above: employees come and go! If the person in charge of managing your IT environments and backups moves on, is your team prepared to pick up the slack? Make sure to document the process so everything goes smoothly during transitional periods.

Ready to Access Unlimited Backup for Office 365?

Involta is ready to help! Reach out to an Involta representative to discuss unlimited backup for Office 365.

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