Network Connectivity for a Post-Pandemic World: Managed SD-WAN


Involta has partnered with VMware to provide a resilient and secure SD-WAN offering designed to accelerate digital transformations.

Connectivity is king. There’s absolutely no doubt that constant network connectivity is essential to operating a business. And with employees operating from office branch locations and remote home office environments (which may or may not have to compete with additional working adults’ needs and distance learning bandwidth requirements), networks can get bogged down fast.

Which Network Traffic Takes Priority?

Traditional wide area network (WAN) or multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) approaches provide scalability and resiliency, but are less flexible, less secure, and more challenging to manage than a modern business environment should be. Add in a cloud migration on top of on-premises technology, and the increasingly complex network requires an increasingly agile solution.

That’s the sweet spot for a software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN).

Our new managed service offering accelerates digital transformations with a highly secure VMware SD-WAN solution designed to fit and scale for any business, managed by the Involta team you know and trust.

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN makes network connections better. It can provide automatic failover and redundant transport paths for communications with an independent secure overlay.

It’s a software-based WAN architecture that blends network transport types (like MPLS, broadband, Internet, cellular, and satellite) to simplify connectivity management. It delivers more bandwidth and an improved user experience for cloud-based and on-premises applications.

When all of your network traffic is organized and automatically flows over pre-determined transportation paths, you can say goodbye to network congestion, lagging video calls, dropped phone calls, or delayed access to the programs and applications your team needs for productivity and success. Instead, enjoy unparalleled uptime and seamless connectivity. For work-from-home employees, it means no more competing with everything else that’s using up bandwidth.

Why Should Involta Manage Your SD-WAN?

Involta is partnering with VMware to provide a best-in-class managed SD-WAN solution. VMware SD-WAN offers a flexible WAN strategy paired with Involta’s commitment to security and business continuity.

Involta operates from data centers founded on secure network connectivity with existing Internet, point-to-point circuit, MPLS, and dedicated fiber connections. Involta-managed SD-WAN adds a secure and cost-effective connectivity method with central management, simplified equipment deployment, and the ability to monitor and optimize traffic for mission-critical applications.

When Involta manages VMware SD-WAN solutions, clients reap the benefits of assured business-critical application performance, ease of deployment, and a consistent and more secure user experience for enterprises of all sizes. VMware SD-WAN enables zero-touch deployment with automation and business policy-based orchestration, and its dynamic multipath optimization (DMPO) aggregates all available circuits with per-packet link steering and on-demand remediation to achieve optimal performance of even demanding, real-time applications over any transport.

Is SD-WAN Right for Your Business?

Short answer? Absolutely.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Decreased Overall Personnel Costs
    A typical company has about 15 full-time staff devoted to WAN management. SD-WAN’s simple and centralized management capabilities allow teams to be redistributed to focus on strategic operations instead of network and traffic management.
  2. Secure Site-to-Cloud Connections
    SD-WAN helps clients adopt a “cloud smart” mentality, giving administrators the ability to automate and secure local internet breakouts at remote sites – so they can prioritize traffic routes for all traffic.
  3. Improved Network Security
    SD-WAN can combine network security capabilities (like branch firewall and zone-based segmentation) with central management to simplify overall network security.
  4. Simplified WAN Operations
    As WANs grow, they become increasingly difficult to manage. SD-WAN can weave existing MPLS and Wan circuits into a single appliance, managed by an SD-WAN controller who can set up and enforce policies and configurations to make your network run more smoothly.
  5. Pave the Way for Streamlined Operations
    SD-WAN is a gateway into streamlined operations, blending seamlessly into work to transform application strategies, DevOps, governance, and workspace transformations – making companies operate efficiently and effectively from the inside out.

Download the SD-WAN Solutions Brief

If you’re looking to improve business operations, Involta will help you “Get There.” Our team is very excited to roll out our capacity to manage VMware SD-WAN services and looks forward to helping our customers take the next step in their digital transformation.

Contact our team to learn more.

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