People Who Deliver: Spotlight Interview with Sofie Lenzen


In today’s world, technology is ever evolving and as a company, we are too. Furthermore, when it comes to our team, we stand strong by our brand promise to DRIVE results for our customers. That’s why we’re excited to feature the Involta Spotlight.

Each month we feature one Involta team member from a personal and professional standpoint. Our illuminating interviews will capture the essence of what drives our team to deliver both at home and on the job. Our clients will get an inside look into who we are and learn more about our exceptional team members who are here to help our clients through their IT transformation journey. It’s our goal to help our clients “Get There” through trusting, communicative and collaborative relationships.

What do you do at Involta and in what circumstances would I come to you for something?

I work closely with our marketing and sales teams on refining the strategy and growth around our strategic vertical markets in healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services. I also coordinate our three advisory boards, which are made up of both customer and non-customer executives who help us influence, confirm, and challenge our vision in growing our strategic vertical markets. Someone would come to me for specific brand messaging around our strategic markets, or for any specific information around our revenue and projected data growth for those verticals. My role is interesting because it is both quantitative in diving into data analytics behind our revenue, but is also qualitative in developing the messaging to align with customer and prospect goals.

What’s your go-to productivity trick?

When prioritizing my day, I try to think through what is urgent and what is important. I also try to start my week by writing out main goals I want to accomplish by week’s end and have that be the driving force behind my day-to-day. Most of the time, there are unexpected challenges or projects that arise, but by sticking to an overall end-of-week vision, I’m able to compartmentalize and focus. I’m also a firm believer that ‘brain breaks’ can do a lot of good, and whenever I find myself spacing out or feeling antsy, I take a quick walk, blast music, or listen to a podcast to get back on track.

What led you to this career?

I previously worked for a small healthcare media company as one of their lead conference planners and speaker managers. I was planning 1,200-4,000 person events, specifically creating the agendas and confirming executive-level speakers for conferences focused on health IT. That role provided me visibility into the technology industry. I also became well-versed in what was happening from a leadership and executive perspective in healthcare. I came to Involta because I wanted to step away from the more day-to-day planning of my previous role and challenge myself with a more multi-faceted, strategic position. In the past, I’ve completed the Strengths Finder test and two of my strengths are Context and Futurist. This role seemed to be the perfect fit in that regard.

What is your favorite hobby?

I have a few favorite hobbies that revolve around health and wellness. I enjoy cooking recipes with a lot of veggies. My friends make fun of me because I’m a veggie fiend. I also like to be active on a daily basis. I’m a runner and I’m also really into doing barre workouts. They are similar to yoga or pilates, but more ballet based and focused on small movements. Overall, wellness and activity encapsulate a few of my different hobbies.

What is one thing you’re currently trying to make a habit?

My habit coincides with my 2021 New Year’s resolution – journaling. I want to reflect on my day, emotions, and goals. I journaled frequently when I studied abroad in college and I want to get back into that daily if not weekly habit. It is a good way to let off steam and reflect on both my personal life and work life or split the connection between the two as I work from home.

What’s your favorite way to unwind after a busy day?

Most recently, I’ve been taking long walks after work. I believe it’s important to get out and move even in the cold of winter. I normally listen to The Daily podcast from New York Times or call my parents, brothers, and friends and talk to them. It’s a great way to break off from the workday and into my home life, and feels almost like a commute.

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