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Protecting IT Functions in Case of Disaster with Business Continuity Planning


What happens to a city’s emergency systems and other critical technology infrastructure in the case of a natural disaster?

Or a major utility or telecommunications outage?

The City of Akron – the fifth largest city in Ohio – needed a comprehensive strategy to ensure IT continuity of operations in a disaster situation. The strategy needed to be:

  • Cost-effective
  • Agreeable to internal and external stakeholders
  • Up to the demanding standards of the state auditors

A tall order. So the city engaged Involta.

Here’s what we did, at a glance.

The client

The City of Akron – with a population nearing 200,000 and a $500 million budget – faces daily challenges regarding how to maximize taxpayer investment in transportation, technology and human resources infrastructure.

The challenge

The City needed to ensure that emergency systems and other critical applications would be operational in the case of a natural disaster or major utility or telecommunication outage.

The strategy

Involta delivered an independent, comprehensive analysis of the City’s IT infrastructure and an IT Continuity of Operations Plan.

The impact

The City of Akron’s critical applications and infrastructure systems vulnerability in the case of a disaster or outage was greatly reduced after implementing components of the business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

Want the details, including an in-depth explanation of the IT Continuity of Operations Plan?

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