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Ransomware: The Monster to Watch Out For


Despite security teams’ best efforts, ransomware attacks are on the rise. Ransomware attacks against businesses are predicted to occur every 11 seconds in 2021, the majority being delivered in the form of an email. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) defines ransomware as, “a type of malicious software, or malware that prevents you from accessing your computer files, systems, or networks and demands you pay a ransom for their return. These attacks can cause costly disruptions to operations and the loss of critical information and data.” Sounds scary, right?

Here are a few questions to ask your security team to help mitigate risk:

1. Can we identify bad actors?
It only takes one click for everything to go wrong. If you can identify the bad actors most likely to target your company, you can proactively prevent those attacks.

2. What are the signs of a ransomware attack?
Let your employees know what to look for. If they know what ransomware looks like, they can contact your security team, giving you a quicker start to implement your strategy. Some signs include:

  • New file extensions (i.e. .ecc, .ezz, .encrypted, .xxx)
  • ​Your desktop or web browser is locked

3. How are you ensuring security is being adapted for the future?
Don’t be afraid to ask your CISO questions on the spot. The world of technology is changing fast and you should be as prepared as possible for the new challenges that lie ahead.

4. If we are hit by ransomware, will we pay?
There are multiple questions when it comes down to that final decision. Will bad actors give you your data back once you pay? Or will they ask for more money? How much damage has been done? Is anything salvageable?

Ransomware attacks are nasty and unavoidable for companies of all sizes. IT teams consider these bad actors the monsters lurking underneath beds. Mitigating risk is just the beginning. Set up a companywide awareness and prevention program today. Not sure where to start – contact us, we’ll help you Get There.

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