Recession-Proof Your Business


If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ve probably seen a fair bit about a possible recession for the 2023 fiscal year. With interest rates rising, inflation at the highest it’s been in four decades, and an economy that seems to be slowing down, the markers for a recession are certainly adding up. As discussed in the latest Xchange Best of Breed conference, Dr. Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former director of the Congressional Budget Office, predicts a modest recession in 2023.

2022 is coming to a close, and business leaders are looking ahead with a little bit less optimism than normal. Companies like Intel, Re/Max, HelloFresh, Siemens Gamesa, Nutanix, Shopify, Robinhood and, of course, Twitter, have laid off employees or initiated hiring freezes. With all of this turbulence, many are wrestling with how to plan for the possibly turbulent year ahead. Involta can help.

Leverage Tech to Strengthen Your Business

As you plan for 2023, focus on how to continue delivering your core business drivers. Involta partners with our clients daily to shore up expenses and hone in on what moves their business today. By being more deliberate about your company’s spending, you will uncover strategies to increase bottom-line-impacting initiatives that strengthen both your business and your brand.

Taking a good look inward with Involta—and evaluating potential IT solutions—will help you create and adopt a more focused and stronger business model ahead of the possible recession.

Involta IT Predictability In Action

Ebbs and flows of the business cycle are nothing new, and helping our clients even the distance between peaks and valleys is a core part of what makes Involta a trusted partner. We recently partnered with a long-term customer in the public accounting space to provide a per-employee infrastructure and services cost. As the client’s business changes throughout the year (peaking during tax season), their cost model remains predictable.

We’ve also partnered with a large regional health system to augment the onboarding of new employees, which helped alleviate stress on their own resources while providing more consistent service delivery to internal stakeholders.

Involta enables clients to focus on their core business differentiators as a path to success.

Trust Involta to Transform Your IT Strategy

Involta has proven our ability to partner and strategize with clients. We are trusted advisors that can guide your business through difficult times. By planning proactively, your business can weather the potential recession and come out stronger. Involta can help define how our Superior Infrastructure and Services enable you to continue to grow your business with predictable spending while leveraging economies of scale to bolster your revenue-generating platforms.

Invite Involta to partner with you, and allow our team to remove the stresses from recession pressures and eliminate technology roadblocks.

We can help transform your world with technology. Let’s start our journey together today. Contact us to learn more.

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