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Recover from a Ransomware Attack with Involta Backup-as-a-Service


We’re here today to talk about ransomware. Again! Ransomware is, unfortunately, still a hot topic in the cybersecurity community, and it will be for the foreseeable future. In early 2022, our partner Veeam commissioned a survey of unbiased IT leaders to better understand the current state of IT strategies and data protection initiatives worldwide. All survey respondents had experienced at least one cyberattack in 2021, and most had experienced at least two.

Veeam’s Ransomware Trends Report tells a compelling story about the importance of taking a holistic approach to cybersecurity to ensure that business continuity and disaster recovery efforts align with a company’s overall IT security initiatives. Involta can help you Get There with three critical strategies:

Gain Alignment on Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a big job. So big, in fact, that most companies have broken it apart into several key areas, and each can have its own dedicated team of security professionals. First, there’s the overarching cybersecurity initiative that sets the strategy for protecting a business’ IT environment. Then there’s business continuity, which focuses on preparing for and responding to natural, human-made or cyber disasters. Lastly, there’s the ongoing effort of creating and storing backups.

Veeam’s ransomware report confirmed that cybersecurity and backup teams should be aligned, but there is work to be done to enable these groups to collaborate successfully. People at different levels of the organization have different perspectives on the immediacy of ransomware threats and the organization’s ability to survive.

As a Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider, Involta comes in on the ground floor to help IT operations and backup administrators create and store backups on-premise, in the cloud or in an Involta data center, and we can help make a case for prioritizing backup.

Ensure All Data You Back Up is “Clean”

Backup is an important component of your security strategy, and the unfortunate truth is that as threat actors become savvier, they’re targeting backups. Yes—that means even your backed-up files could be compromised during a ransomware attack. What happens if you recover your environment from a corrupted backup? Nothing good!

Before restoring data after a ransomware attack, it is essential to test for encryption so that you can avoid reintroducing infected data back into the environment and causing greater harm to the company. Veeam’s study indicated that only one in six organizations test their backup solutions, which leaves far too many companies vulnerable to causing more damage by restoring corrupted data.

Involta and Veeam help organizations routinely verify, test and secure backups to ensure fast and effective remediation after a cyberattack.

Consider the Air Gap Factor

It’s not enough to protect IT environments at the edge and to create redundancies with secure backups. Organizations must also consider the space between the working environment and backup: the air gap. Yes, even that unfathomable space is at risk.

Involta Air Gap protects backups against cyberattacks that target backup environments by securing data in an entirely separate offsite location. Involta Air Gap provides three vital tiers of extra protection for cloud-based backup environments.

  • Immutable On-Premises—for on-premises enterprises going to Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Immutable Involta IaaS—for Involta Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clients going to AWS
  • Insider Protection—for clients utilizing Involta’s Cloud Connect services from their premises

When you protect your Air Gap, you’ll stop attackers in their tracks, so you’ll never lose access to your data.

Get There with Involta + Veeam

As a Veeam Platinum CSP, Involta provides our clients with the industry’s best cloud backup solutions. This partnership offers fast, secure cloud backup of Veeam’s full suite of cloud backup products, backed by the power of Involta. Ready to take your backup to the next level?

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