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Reviewing the 9 Critical Steps to Prepare for an IT Migration


When it comes to your business data and IT, nothing should be undertaken lightly – including moving to a cloud or managed IT services provider. Protecting your business is essential – but weighing the risks and the benefits is an involved process. How do you know if you’re making the best decisions for your business?

Involta has identified nine mission-critical steps business owners should consider before moving to a cloud or managed IT services provider. Designed to protect your business’ IT operations and data assets, these steps will help you prepare your business and IT environment for migration while avoiding exposing your valuable business data to unacceptable risk.

With all this risk, you may be considering migrating to cloud or managed IT in the first place. Here are a few reasons to consider moving forward with a migration.

  1. Get an around-the-clock solution to IT system management with a higher level of system performance and stability and the support of a highly trained team.
  2. Increase your OPEX spending and decrease your CAPEX spending through reduced rates on electricity, connectivity, and licensing.
  3. Empower your in-house IT experts to focus on your core business instead of IT management.

Make your migration a success from start to finish by putting in the legwork to prepare your business. Download our free whitepaper to review the nine steps and avoid becoming a victim of an IT disaster.

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