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Simplify Your Infrastructure With Involta Hybrid Cloud


It’s hard to remember a life without technology, tablets, smartphones, VPN and the cloud. But if you remember back to 2000 – that was the first glimpse of what would become the cloud. When the dot-com bubble burst, companies sustained their businesses by modernizing IT systems and finding solutions that worked as their business continued to change.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) was re-launched in 2006 after its initial introduction in 2002, and the cloud has continued to grow and evolve in both public and private environments ever since. If you are still deciding if your business is ready to move to the cloud and what type of cloud is right for you, check out our recent blog post.

There are many players in the cloud game today, but for the user maintaining public, private and hybrid cloud channels can be cumbersome and difficult with the current siloed approach. Although a multi-cloud strategy is becoming more prevalent, there are still some obstacles in getting all cloud channels to work together efficiently and effectively.

When making a request to your IT services provider, you want a fast and efficient solution, but the process is sometimes slow and time-consuming because so many resources need to work together. So, how can you connect your multi-cloud infrastructure in order to save time, resources and money? It starts with addressing these common pain points:

  • Time
    • The Challenge: Moving things from the private cloud to the public cloud can be laborious if you are waiting for others to answer your new server-provisioning request.
    • The Ideal Solution: The ability to manage your cloud infrastructure from a single portal.
  • Resources
    • The Challenge: Having your schedule dictated by waiting on other people can be frustrating. When your work is dependent on others, you can get behind in your timeline.
    • The Ideal Solution: Controlling how and when you move your workloads.
  • Availability
    • The Challenge: We expect instantaneous results in a secure environment, day or night, but that is not always the reality.
    • The Ideal Solution: The capability to update your compute or storage capacity as needed.
  • Ease-Of-Use
    • The Challenge: Learning new systems is aggravating as it takes time, energy, work and brain space.
    • The Ideal Solution: A simple portal that simplifies processes and makes moving workloads from one cloud to another as easy as moving icons on your desktop.
  • Opportunities
    • The Challenge: Working in the multi-cloud often means waiting for patching or backups, taking time and resources away from what you’d actually like to be doing, leaving opportunities on the table.
    • The Ideal Solution: Automated services that make rapid changes quick and simple.

We developed Involta Hybrid Cloud (IHC) to alleviate all these pain points. This portal can be customized to meet your business needs and is designed to scale with your business. With two levels – Involta Hybrid Cloud STANDARD and Involta Hybrid Cloud ENTERPRISE – you’ll always have control over provisioning and the ability to make changes.

Download your guide to IHC to learn more.

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Live Demo: How To Scale Up Your IT Infrastructure
Join us on Wednesday, July 18, 2018, at 2pm EDT/1pm CDT for our first look at Involta’s newest solution – Involta Hybrid Cloud (IHC). Watch a live demonstration and ask questions about how IHC works and can benefit your business. Register now.

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