Stop Attacks with Involta Air Gap


Ransomware attacks are at an all-time high as cybercriminals are taking advantage of today’s hybrid IT landscape more than ever, with data backups being a main focus. So, how do you keep your backups safe? The simple answer: air gaps.

What is Air Gap?

An air gap isn’t an empty space between two tables or a small bubble in a vacuum sealed bag. Techopedia defines an air gap as, “a security measure in which computers, computer systems, or networks are not connected in any way to any other device or networks. This is used in instances requiring airtight security without the risk of compromise or disaster.”

Air gaps are considered the most foolproof solution for protecting backups against cybercriminals. If there is no connection between your environments, cybercriminals can’t access your backups. The chances of that happening are akin to finding Serena Williams playing tennis with Poseidon in the underwater streets of Atlantis.

Main Advantages of Air Gap

The idea behind an air gap is to keep all doors and windows shut from any cyberthreat that is directed toward your business. Here are a few advantages from our partner, PureStorage:

  1. Providing greater security than traditional backup architecture.
  2. Limiting the ability for malware to spread.
  3. Creating more work for hackers to get to air-gapped data.
  4. Improving the odds of recovering from an attack.

Air gaps are the next level of data protection with the cloud being essential in today’s hybrid IT landscape and not 100% secure.

What is Involta Air Gap?

Our product was designed to protect your backups against cyberattacks that target your backup environment by securing your data in an entirely separate, offsite location. With Involta Air Gap, you get three layers of extra protection; Immutable On-Premise, Immutable Involta IaaS, and Insider Protection.


Don’t pay cybercriminals large sums of money to regain access to your data, stop ransomware attacks before they happen. Protect your air gap – the space between your working environment and your backup – with the Involta team. We are here to help you Get There no matter where you are on your IT journey.

Download our Involta Air Gap one-pager and contact us today to learn more. Stay airtight with Involta Air Gap.

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