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Superior Infrastructure Requires Superior Staff: An Inside Look at Involta’s Director of Data Center Operations


Tom LangTom Lang is Involta’s director of data center operations responsible for all 14 data center locations nationwide. He leads a team of 10 technical engineers who, along with himself, hold certificates as Certified Data Centre Facilities Operation Managers (CDCFOM) and all work to ensure the data centers are maintained and operational at all times. Lang has been with the Involta for more than 6 years and was previously the data center manager for Involta’s Ohio region

Leader in Growth
Involta has seen rapid growth over the last three years in Ohio and Tom Lang has being a direct force into its formation; with the expansion of its Akron Data Center, the new build of its Independence Data Center and recent Ohio acquisitions. Involta acquired DRS in 2015 and IT|Lynk in 2018. This increased the company’s Ohio footprint to include four data centers and offices statewide. Lang is anticipating another data center expansion at Involta’s Akron Data Center in 2019 as the company’s business relationships continue to grow. He is also planning on expanding Involta’s Victory View Data Center in Boise, Idaho.

Leader in Industry Standards
Lang is leading the pack when it comes to data center industry standards and will be putting a heavy focus in 2019 on things such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), security and certification maintenance. Lang is currently responsible for instituting procedural documents for the maintenance testing of all facilities and operational tasks. Lang will be implementing a planned approach for safety and order of procedures to allow Involta to be more efficient. To make sure Involta is a leader in data center operations, he is also responsible for ensuring our data center facilities are up to date, adapting as the industry’s standards change, implementing new technology as it is developed and ensuring reliability and stability.

Lang will also be focusing on aligning company-wide goals with his team goals. The biggest one in 2019 will be around security. He is working with Involta CISO to achieve new security certifications for our data centers such as International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), PCI Compliance and Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST). Lang’s team will also be able to take advantage of Involta’s new Security Operations Center (SOC) giving them better visibility into all controls of the data centers, full video surveillance and the ability to implement stricter procedures around physical and cyber security.

“When looking for a data center or IT services, the Involta design is second to none,” says Lang. “Our People who Deliver, our culture and staff, are what makes us different. We pride ourselves on not only building relationships, but exceeding customer expectations. Price is second on my list and relationships is first.”

Leader for the Future
Lang would like to have more in depth focus on Involta’s environmental impact and footprint reduction and with the further implementation of the company’s Environmental Health and Safety Program (EHS). He plans to work to increase training, awareness, and the continued implementation of compliance across all of the Involta Data Centers. A proper EHS program is critical to the well-being of a data center because of the hazardous materials, fuel, cooling cycle and fire suppression agents inside. Lighting of our data center facilities, for example, is another area where the environmental impact can be reduced. Using sensors for occupancy and replacing standard light fixtures to LED fixtures lessons the power demand and eliminates operational time for installation and the impact of disposal.

“By being informed and in control of costs with relation to power, as we do in our deregulated areas, we are reducing impact to the environment, and keeping costs down for customers,” said Lang.

Lang continues to define processes and procedures, implement further educational development all while encouraging thought leadership with his team. Lang is part of why Involta has become a leader in the industry and a strong partner for its clients.

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