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The One Tool to Rule Them All


Let’s play the “What if” game.

What if you could
Use the same tools to software define your private cloud as your public cloud?
Deploy and migrate work loads quickly to your most cost effective cloud?
Maintain all of your cloud operations from a single pane of glass?

Earlier this year, Involta and Megaport teamed up to present a solution that will allow organizations to do all three of these things and more. It’s the Involta Hybrid Cloud service. We will be formally launching the service in July but wanted to give you a sneak peek (and for those of you who attended the Involta/Megaport webinar, a reminder) about just how resourceful this service can be for your IT department.

Key features include
Extending the value of your colocation / private data center infrastructure
Simplifing the tool chain for devOps and and continuous deployment
Accelerating innovation lifecycles
Automating infrastructure and application cost management

Watch our past webinar on the hybrid cloud here.
Check out our vlog on the topic here.
And stay tuned for the official launch of Involta Hybrid Cloud in July.

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