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Tom’s Top Tips for Choosing a Data Center Service Provider


Tom Lang is Involta’s director of data center operations responsible for all 14 data center locations nationwide. He leads a team of 10 technical engineers who, along with himself, hold certificates as Certified Data Centre Facilities Operation Managers (CDCFOM) and all work to ensure the data centers are maintained and operational at all times. Lang has been with the Involta for more than 6 years and was previously the data center manager for Involta’s Ohio region

  • Understanding your needs is the most important thing when looking for a data center and service provider.
  • What is the “health” of the service provider?
  • Do they offer single or dual sites?
  • Do they have 100% uptime and reliability?
  • Are there redundant services provided?
  • How do they go about taking care of the facilities?
  • Finally…gage the personalities that you will be working with.

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