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Trial by Water: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity in Action


In late July 2015, the city of Tucson was hit by a torrential storm. Over two inches of rain fell in less than an hour.

Water accumulated on the roof of a local manufacturing facility. Eventually the roof collapsed, knocking out the building’s fire water main – flooding the computer and production areas with up to two feet of water.

The Involta Solution

The following day, the company’s CFO showed up at Involta Tucson’s door, “Can you get our servers running by 4 o’clock today?” Administrative workspaces were also needed.

Involta sprang into action. By 4 PM the company’s servers were up and running in the Tucson data center and 25 workspaces were ready. By the following week the company’s operations were again running smoothly.

The Outcome

When another storm rolled into Tucson, causing additional damage to the company’s facility, the company was able to move the balance of their staff into Involta’s Business Continuity workspace and relocate part of their plant services onto an empty data center quad. The company continues to operate out of Involta’s Tucson facility while the building is being repaired.

Thanks to Involta Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, the company minimized disruption to its operations despite major damage to its primary facility.

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Involta provides colocation, managed hosting, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions, as well as consulting services. Involta Tucson is a 40,000 sq. ft. facility with 50 Business Continuity workseats.

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