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Vlog: Hybrid Cloud Services Enable Growth


MediRevv is a healthcare revenue cycle management company that has undergone a very fast expansion with plans to continue growing exponentially. Involta helped the company create a strategic IT plan that provided scalability for its long-term growth. In this two part video series, MediRevv executives talk about how the solutions Involta came up with provided a solid foundation for the company to build upon and be confident in.

MediRevv was a single-site startup company when Involta first started working with it. In the videos below, Chris Klitgaard, CEO of MediRevv and Brad Baldwin, President of MediRevv talk about how Involta’s next-level cloud strategy, that brings managed services and cloud solutions together, helped them scale and grow, drive innovation for client business outcomes and change how they do business.


At Involta, we work incredibly hard to improve business processes, enhance client experience and manage operational risk and compliance for our clients. Through innovative consulting engagements, Involta is able to utilize its unique resources and partnerships to deliver advanced hybrid IT solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of organizations. To see how we’ve helped other organizations visit our testimonials page.

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