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Vlog: One-on-One with Involta’s C-Suite Executives


Technology plays a role in every business. Understanding that role and how it aligns with your business’s goals and objectives is sometimes difficult. In the following video series, our executive team highlights a few of the ways businesses can use technology to gain a competitive edge and grow in their industries.

We sit down with Involta’s Chief Innovation Officer Michelle Bates to talk about the importance of cloud in businesses today and how it affects the “people” side of change.

Join Involta’s Chief Legal Counsel, Randy Rings, as he talks about the importance of Legal and Technical partnership in businesses today.

Listen as Involta’s Director of Human resources, Sue Sedrel, talks about ways to attract new talent and how HR teams continue to improve with advances in technology.

We sit down with Involta’s Chief Financial Officer, Jim Buie, to talk about how technology and predictability are key elements in an organization’s business strategy. Also, we learn what three areas to look at when assessing your organizations financial stability and growth..

The “edge” is about providers trying to get data in close proximity to their customers. The amount of data is growing exponentially and we are still struggling with how to consume all that data from a business perspective. Listen to Involta Chief Financial Officer, Jim Buie, describe how Involta closes the gap for its customers.

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