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Vlog: See the Foundation of Involta’s Hybrid IT Solutions With a Virtual Tour


In today’s technology driven world you can experience places you have never been – right from your own living room or desk chair. The Internet, social media and now virtual reality (VR) have all become big trends in recent years, allowing you to see and experience tropical locations, famous landmarks and events like diving with sharks without actually being physically present.

So why not get a look inside the cloud with an exclusive tour of an Involta data center! Our 360 degree virtual data center tour allows you to see what happens inside a data center – and look around as we bring you through all the working parts that help Involta serve its clients.

Join your tour guide Aaron as he leads you through an Involta data center; change your viewing angle to see all 360 degrees by dragging the video with your mouse. If you have a pair of cardboard VR glasses, insert your phone into the cardboard and look around to view the video in 360 degrees.

Now that you have seen what a data center looks like, please contact us with any questions you may have regarding our operations or managed services. We offer other amazing virtual answers to the problems of your IT reality.

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