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Vlog: The Involta Hybrid Cloud (you’re going to want to see this)


One of the biggest problems our clients are experiencing is around workloads. Companies’ IT staffs are being asked to fill requests quicker, integrate department programs better, move to the cloud, etc., but they often times can’t. Some barriers they face include not having enough specialized employees in their IT department and not having the right access to each department’s applications. In a lot of situations, companies’ IT departments are dealing with multiple cloud environments that lack standardization and IT managers and directors don’t have the right governance over changes that might be happening in those environments.

These pain points were the driving factor behind the development of Involta’s newest product: Involta Hybrid Cloud. The idea behind the Involta Hybrid Cloud is to bring standardization and ease of use to a company’s multi-cloud environment. The IT department now can have one single pane of glass to login, see an easy-to-use interface and provision standardized workloads across their entire cloud environment.

Watch the video below to see how Involta Hybrid Cloud can change the way you work.

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