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What Do Hybrid Cloud Solutions Do For Medical Device Manufacturers?


Medical devices do so much more than collect and display patient data. They can provide healthcare organizations and their patients with life-saving information in an instant. An alert from a patient’s insulin pump or heart monitor can be quickly sent to a physician or family member. For a premature baby girl, receiving and analyzing real-time data such as the potassium levels in her blood, her heart rate, and incubator temperature, the computing power of the cloud is capable of delivering medical insights that humans simply can’t.


However, these types of devices are only as good as the data storage platforms they run on and cloud computing-based storage is becoming the preferred platform by medical device manufacturers. In fact, a recent study from Gartner revealed that by the end of 2018, 50% of enterprises will manage their content via hybrid cloud approach.

Using the cloud for storage enables medical devices to wirelessly collect data, send frequent alerts if possible breaches, and allow for backup and recovery if something fails. Furthermore, by using the cloud and its capabilities device manufacturers can provide big data services to their clients even if the client has no computing hardware.

More and more, businesses are finding that the most viable and cost-efficient way to move to and work in the cloud is through the use of hybrid cloud solutions. Medical device manufacturers stand to profit enormously from cloud adoption but are still slow to make the move.

This means medical device manufacturers who embrace Hybrid cloud technology now, will see the highest return on investment over time.

What do Hybrid cloud solutions do for medical device manufacturers?

  • Help to reduce costs without compromising quality or service
  • Cheaper than on-premise cloud solutions
  • Faster and easier to deploy with lower ongoing maintenance costs
  • Create collaboration across disparate product development networks
  • Easier to link together different locations
  • There’s still time to be an early adopter and capture a significant ROI

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