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What Is Penetration Testing and How Can It Protect Your Business?


What Is Penetration Testing?

Cybersecurity threats have become a very real component to our everyday lives. They’re constantly changing and targeting different types of industries and individuals. If you don’t know when or how your data may be accessed, how can you possibly prepare for the seemingly inevitable event of an attack?

Penetration testing assesses the stability of your network’s security – simulating real-world attacks to uncover weaknesses, gaps or vulnerabilities that could leave your business open for an attack.

Involta’s team of highly-trained IT security specialists are well versed in manual penetration testing. We know what to look for in your servers, endpoints, web applications, websites, networks, devices and other potential points of weakness or exposure. If we find any weaknesses, we’ll get to work on solutions.

How Can Penetration Testing Help Your Business?

The more you know, the more you can prevent. All businesses can become victims of cyber attacks. That might sound like doomsday or fear mongering, but it’s the harsh truth. As the business world relies more heavily on technology – especially cloud technology – we gain countless conveniences while simultaneously increasing our risk to cyber attacks. It’s the price we pay to play. With the necessary precautions, like penetration testing, you can better protect your critical data and systems.

A solid penetration testing strategy will allow your business to:

  • Mitigate risk proactively
  • Decrease network downtime
  • Manage vulnerabilities effectively
  • Safeguard your critical data
  • Protect your brand and reputation

Why Bother With Penetration Testing?

You already have safeguards in place. Between security systems, firewalls, antivirus precautions, password policies and likely more, you should be covered. Your IT team is smart, and you may have engaged the Involta team in managed IT and security services. That’s excellent. But as you add more and more technological capabilities to your business, the doors for cyber attacks continue to open. It is increasingly important to understand how all your systems work together and identify any security gaps you may not have considered.

That’s where penetration testing is especially helpful. Regular penetration testing will help to identify any potential security risks while evaluating your company’s ability to respond to attacks – or better yet, prevent them in the first place. You’ll gain valuable insight into protecting your networks, applications, servers, systems and users from internal or external attacks on security measures on your critical data.

What Does a Penetration Testing Schedule Look Like?

To better protect your business, Involta recommends regular penetration testing. A monthly testing schedule will best serve most companies – you’ll have regular access to penetration testing reports and can take immediate action on any vulnerabilities or gaps. Having the Involta team conduct regular penetration tests on your systems will ensure your ability to bounce back from internal or external threats without compromising your business or your customers.

Additionally, it is important to consider extra penetration testing any time you plan to add new infrastructure or applications, make upgrades to your current systems or open any new office locations. The security of your business is Involta’s top priority.

Don’t Risk Your IT Security

In today’s complex IT environment, data protection and security is as critical as physical security. Organizations must ensure protection of not only their proprietary business data, but also sensitive customer information like records, login credentials, intellectual property, personally identifiable information, cardholder data, personnel and protected health information.

Involta has the expertise to handle your organization’s security and compliance needs, such as:

  • Virus and malware protection
  • Patch level assurance
  • Virus definition updates
  • Firewalls
  • Access controls
  • Password policies
  • Physical security
  • Least amount of privilege

Let your IT staff focus on innovation and business-oriented tasks, while Involta protects your bottom line with secure, highly-available services hosted in our enterprise-class facilities.

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