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Zero Day Vulnerability


Security vulnerabilities aren’t a new concept in 2021. They’ve been happening for years and are unfortunately being discovered quicker by bad actors who carry out malicious activities, which can ultimately lead to what is known as Zero Day vulnerability. A Zero Day vulnerability is defined by TechRepublic as, “a flaw in a piece of software that is unknown to the programmer(s) or vendor(s) responsible for the application(s). Because the vulnerability isn’t known, there is no patch available.”

Zero Day Timeline

  1. A person or company creates a piece of software that includes vulnerability but is unknown to those involved with programming or distribution.
  2. A person (bad actor) outside of those responsible for the software discovers the vulnerability before a developer has a chance to locate or fix the problem.
  3. The bad actor who discovers the vulnerability creates malicious code to exploit the vulnerability.
  4. The exploit is released.
  5. Those responsible are informed of the exploit and patch their software.
  6. The vulnerability is no longer considered a zero day.
  7. The patch is released.

What makes these types of vulnerabilities so dangerous is that they are rarely discovered right away. It can often take months.

Zero Day Incident

Recently, a Zero Day vulnerability was discovered in Apache Log4j. This incident was an open-source log collection tool used for logging into many applications such as Apache Solr and Apache Struts, as well as many SaaS services, such as Steam, Apple iCloud, Twitter, and Minecraft. Apache Log4j is a common third-party user interface installed within software and other services utilized by many organizations across the world. Most organizations may not be aware that it is being used as part of their technology solution.

Involta’s Response

After the discovery, Involta clients were notified immediately and updated throughout the course of the event. During this time, Involta also worked closely with our partners and vendors to deploy updates on their platforms as they became available. We were able to significantly reduce our overall risk and currently have security controls in place for the detection and response to the identified risks. We are confident in our security posture due to the implementation of our security control measures.

Our team of security experts are equipped with an arsenal of cyberwar defense technologies in preparation for events like this. With our security suite of services, you gain the edge of our team of 200+ Security Operations Center (SOC) specialists. They monitor and analyze your security posture 24/7/365 through a combination of supported security toolsets, incident response, and operational processes that are key to securing your most critical assets. We stop attacks before they happen.

It’s essential to have a solid security plan in place with a trusted and resilient team of security experts. With Involta SOC, you have everything you need to keep your business secure 24/7/365. Contact us today for more information on our Security Operations Center.

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