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About UPMC

UPMC is the largest nongovernmental employer in Pennsylvania, with 87,000 employees, more than 40 hospitals, 700+ doctors’ offices and outpatient sites, and a 3.5 million-member Insurance Services Division. Affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences, UPMC ranks No. 15 in the U.S. News & World Report Annual Honor Roll of America’s Best Hospitals and is a world renowned healthcare provider and insurer with deep roots in Pennsylvania.

Outcome Summary

  • Transitioned from outdated on-site data center solution to Involta-owned next generation data center
  • Reduced risk, capital cost avoidance, increased physical security and the flexibility to adapt to industry demands
  • Improved disaster recovery and business continuity 

The Challenges

Tremendous Growth and Outdated On-Site Data Center Solutions

UPMC experienced tremendous growth over the course of a decade, leading the healthcare industry in innovation, research and patient care. As patient care delivery had become more dependent on the availability of technology, UPMC realized its on-site data center solutions were becoming outdated. UPMC CIO Edward McCallister was adapting to rapid industry changes, including the demand for higher quality care at lower costs.

“Technology was accelerating at a pace we’d never seen before. We needed a seamless solution that allowed us to focus on our core business while preparing for continual shifts in the industry,” McCallister said.

It was Time to Find a Modern IT Provider

Aiming to deliver technology that was reliable, available and stable, McCallister and his team knew the organization needed a more robust data center that would include cloud services and a support system of technical expertise. So they launched an initiative to seek out an IT partner that could provide a next generation data center and position UPMC for the future.

The result was an UPMC and Involta partnership. During an RFP process, Involta outperformed 19 respondents and quickly developed a strong relationship with UPMC leadership.

“We needed a nimble, flexible partner to grow with us,” McCallister said.

“We needed a nimble, flexible partner to grow with us. We appreciated the elasticity of Involta’s colocation model. It gave us the flexibility we required to move applications to the cloud as needed and to once again lead the industry in our approach to IT.”

Edward McCallister


“We appreciated the elasticity of Involta’s colocation model. It gave us the flexibility we required to move applications to the cloud as needed and to once again lead the industry in our approach to IT.”

Edward McCallister


The Transition

Taking Advantage of a Next Generation Data Center

Involta worked closely with UPMC to analyze the costs, risks and benefits between building its own new data center and leveraging a colocation solution with Involta. During the planning process, cloud-based services continued to improve, and security and technology availability continued to become increasingly demanding, leaving UPMC leadership to re-evaluate its needs and opportunities. By partnering with Involta, UPMC was able to get a colocation solution in a next generation data center that provided the security and availability the healthcare industry demanded. Furthermore, Involta’s cloud offerings and support staff have created a scalable environment for UPMC.

Flexible Colocation Solution Without the High Capital Costs

Involta proposed a flexible colocation solution that included a strong partnership with UPMC, and offered security, compliance and the scalability needed for continued success. Involta’s solution included the introduction of UPMC as an anchor tenant of a proposed, state-of-the-art, Involta-owned data center. As the anchor tenant, UPMC was able to move away from its own aging data center, without the high capital costs of building and maintaining an on-site facility. The solution Involta and UPMC worked on together allows the organization to keep its technology on pace with the ever-changing healthcare industry.

The partnership with Involta included:

  • A flexible, 10-year strategic colocation plan
  • Reduced risk
  • Capital cost avoidance
  • Increased physical security
  • Redundant, highly secure network
  • Improved disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Remote support
  • Contiguous space agreements that allow for expansion

The Outcomes

Highly Secure, Concurrently Maintainable Data Center

Anchor tenants in Involta facilities leverage a highly secure, concurrently maintainable data center to house mission-critical IT systems. In addition, these industry-leading organizations benefit from direct access to Involta’s expertise in providing related managed services.

Flexibility to Adapt

As more services move to the cloud and healthcare organizations decrease their technological footprint, Involta offers the flexibility to adapt. Involta works with several clients in the healthcare industry to provide colocation services and expanded capacity for storing and transmitting data.

Opportunity for Backup, Recovery and Restoration

With Involta as a technology partner, clients can increase backup, recovery and restoration capabilities in the event of emergencies, safeguarding sensitive records and data while keeping operations running seamlessly.

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