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    Disaster-recovery resources for your IT benefit.

Disaster Recovery Resources

If you read the news, you know that disaster – natural or manmade – could strike at any time.

Every responsible business, healthcare enterprise and other organization needs a disaster recovery (DR) plan and measures in place. Make sure your DR measures are enough to truly protect:

  • Data and network integrity
  • Operations
  • Cashflow
  • Compliance
  • Customer trust
Here are resources and services designed to help you stay informed and protected.
Recovery, Accelerated: How Involta Took 16 Hours Off One SaaS Company’s RTO  Download Now
White paper  How to Pick Your Disaster Recovery Partner Download Now
Reducing a City’s Vulnerability to Disaster: Akron, OH Download Now
White paper  Will Your Business Survive the Next Disaster? Download Now
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Colocation in Action: Packet of 4 Case Studies

See how a SaaS company, a health system, a city and a managed IT company deployed
colocation solutions to improve capacity and avoid major capital expenditures.

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