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The Key to Stopping IT Security Breaches? Defense.

IT security breaches are no laughing matter. Without the proper measures in place, your business could be at risk. Something as simple as clicking an email link from an untrustworthy source can lead to a successful phishing attack – and open your networks, servers, virtual appliances or other physical components to hackers. Your guard must be up at all times. That means you need an IT security partner you can trust.

Involta Secure is your first line of defense against IT security breaches and attacks – it’s the core of our Security Operations Center (SOC). As your dedicated security team, our job is to monitor and analyze your security posture 24/7 from our SOC. When there is a detection of threats or intrusions, we'll apply proactive solutions to defend your business.


Involta Secure SOC Services

IDPS Perimeter Monitoring

IDPS/IDS, log collection, 24/7 monitoring, reporting and alerting  

Web Application Firewall

Installation and configuration of web application protection


Installation and monitoring of individual DDoS protections per environment

Log Management

Host log collection, retention, reporting and alerting

File Integrity Management

Host file integrity change collection and monitoring

Vulnerability Scanning

Quarterly network and application vulnerability scanning. Internal monthly vulnerability scanning.

Antivirus, Ransomware and Threat Detection

Management and security monitoring of host-based threats

Penetration Testing

Annual network internal and external penetration testing

Security Reporting and Response

24/7 security monitoring, analysis and event triage

Security Remediation

Triage and remediation of compromised hosts


Acquisition of forensic evidence and investigation of compromise


Going Beyond Traditional Security

Involta Secure goes beyond traditional security to provide an advanced solution that protects your business. Monitoring and analyzing your business's security posture on an ongoing basis through a combination of supported security toolsets, incident response and operational process is the key to securing your most critical assets. We'll monitor your systems around the clock and manage predictive toolsets so we can stop attacks before they happen.

  • Monitoring
    • Observe system and network activity for abnormal patterns
    • Respond to traffic, alerts and log notifications
  • Protection
    • Enable security toolsets to detect, prevent and respond to threats
    • Enforce policy restrictions, configuration management and standardization
    • Help maintain a culture of “doing the right thing”
  • Identification
    • Perform security scanning to identify critical vulnerabilities
    • Communicate problems and risks to appropriate teams
  • Maintenance
    • Apply approved patches
    • Manage firmware updates and fixes
    • Perform backups, update documentation and requirements
  • Validation
    • Conduct reoccurring health checks, assessments and formal audits
    • Provide advisory notices based on gaps and risks


Defend Your IT Systems with Involta Secure

The Involta team has the expertise and experience to protect your business from internal and external threats. We’ll keep our eyes on your IT, so you can focus on running your business. With Involta you get more than security, you get a team of IT experts as well as secure, highly-available services hosted in our enterprise-class facilities.

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