Compliance Services

Compliance is Non-Negotiable

Between tough regulations and tight budgets, the price of compliance is growing. The need to be more strategic, identify new risks and support business growth are all becoming part of the role compliance plays. Involta’s Compliance Services give you an intelligent roadmap that ensures you meet expanding expectations and budgetary constraints.

IT solutions and consulting services that cover your entire spectrum of corporate compliance needs

Involta's Compliance Services provide integrated risk management capabilities to help businesses achieve regulatory standards for governance, risk and compliance. We have the specialized knowledge necessary to cut through the complexity of regulatory standards and requirements and safeguard your compliance, so you can move forward with confidence. Involta's Compliance Services provide integrated risk management capabilities to help businesses achieve regulatory standards for governance, risk and compliance. With customized services, you can outsource all or some of your compliance needs while keeping your data safe.

Involta's Compliance Services help you overcome challenges such as:

  • A lack of dedicated in-house staff
  • Deficiencies in current regulatory compliance processes
  • Added global compliance needs
  • Escalating infrastructure and operating costs
  • Meeting regulations while rapidly growing regional teams through expansion 


  • Ensure services align with required security and privacy requirements
  • Leverage Involta audit reports to meet your compliance requirements

Risk Assessments

  • Identify the risks to your operations
  • Develop mitigation strategies to protect each data set and its associated business function

Security and Compliance Controls Mapping

  • Understand your framework requirements
  • Prioritize your valuable assets so you are protecting the right stuff
  • Utilize the right compliance strategies for particular data sets and their corresponding business functions

Readiness Assessments

  • Develop corporate governance and strategic planning for better fulfillment of regulatory controls and processes
  • Easily identify gaps and deficiencies in your company’s compliance requirements

Align Your IT and Business Strategies

Involta’s GRC Suite of Services allows you to achieve operational goals and become more efficient through better processes, reporting and communication. You will finally be able to move from identifying and understanding your risks to building a plan to mitigate them.

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