Managed Security

Improve Your Security Posture

The Involta team has the expertise and experience to protect your business from internal and external threats. We’ll keep our eyes on your IT, so you can focus on running your business.

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Defend your IT systems with Involta Secure

You want your business monitored 24/7/365, but it can be costly to hire and train the right team. With Involta Secure, you gain the edge of our team of 200+ Security Operations Center (SOC) specialists.

We monitor and analyze your security posture on an ongoing basis through a combination of supported security toolsets, incident response and operational process that are key to securing your most critical assets. We monitor your systems around the clock and manage predictive toolsets, so we can stop attacks before they happen.

Going beyond traditional security


  • Observe system and network activity for abnormal patterns
  • Respond to traffic, alerts and log notifications


  • Enable security toolsets to detect, prevent and respond to threats
  • Enforce policy restrictions, configuration management and standardization


  • Perform security scanning to identify critical vulnerabilities
  • Communicate problems and risks to appropriate teams


  • Apply approved patches and manage firmware updates and fixes
  • Perform backups, update documentation and requirements


  • Conduct recurring health checks, assessments and formal audits
  • Provide advisory notices based on gaps and risks
Next-generation anti-virus protection

Next-generation anti-virus protection

Cyberattacks continue to grow in volume and sophistication. Involta introduced Next Generation Anti-Virus protection into our security and managed services to help you combat this increasing threat. This system-centric solution uses predictive analytics to detect, prevent and analyze threats. Our security products go beyond the use of virus signatures to give you ransomware protection that proactively responds before a malicious attack hits.

Servers aren't great at relationships.
Good thing our team is.

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