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In today’s business environment, IT is a critical operational utility and data is an invaluable asset. For every enterprise.

Yet threats are proliferating at an inconceivable rate. (Cyberattacks detected worldwide jumped 48% in 2014.)  And the price of a single lapse is higher than ever. Just one successful cyberattack on a large company via IT infrastructure costs an average of $1.98 million.

Six major IT expenses Involta can help you avoid:

  • Capital expenditures on IT infrastructure
  • Need to employ high-level expert IT staff available around the clock
  • Ongoing maintenance and 24/7/365 monitoring of IT infrastructure
  • Cost of security breach remediation
  • Long-term cost of compromised consumer trust after security breach
  • Opportunity cost of insufficient DR/BCP capabilities – robust DR/BCP is now a basic entry requirement for doing business with many government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and other major customers

If you want to protect data integrity, operational capacity and customer confidence while optimizing IT expenditures, choose an IT partner with an unyielding commitment to security and excellence.

In a dangerous world, you need a partner you can trust. How can Involta help you?

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