Step One in Building a Healthy IT Environment

Almost every business is looking for more consistent, reliable IT infrastructure with known, controlled expenses. Assessing your environment will help. Whether we’re advising on where to move business critical applications, evaluating technology infrastructure, IT management or disaster recovery solutions, or earning organizational buy-in, we’ll help you Get There.

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Methodology for application assessment

Framing up an optimal hybrid cloud solution for your business begins by assessing the 6 Rs. Once we have a high-level perspective on your application distribution, we can make informed recommendations for a successful cloud transformation, including services for managing your AWS or Microsoft Azure experience.

  • Rehost – Move as-is to the cloud
  • Replatform – Move to the cloud with some improvements
  • Repurchase – Buy a cloud-based version of the same application
  • Refactor – Re-architect all or some portion of the application
  • Retire – Turn off the application
  • Retain – Keep the application as-is with no modifications

Compute, storage and network requirements

Rationalization starts with your current business drivers and your aspirations for growth. In addition to constructing a portfolio for assessment, we’ll evaluate data storage and management to meet security, privacy, back-up and accessibility needs.

Applicable security and compliance standards

Addressing industry standards is essential, but not every element in your IT infrastructure requires the same level of security. We’ll help you determine ideal depth of protection and investment while ensuring that security doesn’t impede user access or productivity.

Ongoing administration and maintenance demands

What level of burden for “keep-the-lights-on” IT and maintenance do you want to bear? Involta is here to help in any capacity. We’ll take on as much (or as little) of your regular IT duties as makes sense for your team, so you can focus on strengthening your core business.

Committed to results and your journey

We build trust with you by delivering what we promise at each step in the digital journey. Drawing on talent, experience and our process, we are committed to ensuring that the end state will be what you envision.

What are you going to get?

  • Agreed upon list of applications and key stakeholders for the engagement
  • Consolidation recommendation
  • 6 Rs Decision Matrix
  • Executive Summary presentation
  • Technology Assessment
  • Active Directory Assessment
  • Virtualization Assessment
  • Storage Assessment
  • Backup Assessment
  • Unified Messaging Review
  • Telecom Review

Servers aren’t great at relationships.
Good thing our team is.

We’re here to listen, collaborate and help you build flexible modern technology solutions to transform your IT strategy.

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