Start with the “End” in Mind

We ask a lot of questions when building your cloud strategy, the most important being: “What is your vision for delivering the best experience for customers and getting the greatest value from your IT investment?” With that knowledge, we align people, process and technology to enable your business strategy.

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A codified process for change and growth

Your hybrid cloud journey begins with discovery to assess current state business processes and infrastructure, and articulate your future business vision. The process culminates with key deliverables from our industry experts: An executive summary discussing themes and risks; a detailed report with people, process, and technology recommendations; and a financial analysis showing high-level Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) projection.

Identifying what you do and don’t know

  • Ensures that business objectives are aligned to current and future industry trends
  • Forms the bedrock for your hybrid IT transformation roadmap
  • Creates visibility into security risks
  • Reveals areas of undefined, undocumented business processes
  • Serves as the basis for communications to stakeholders throughout the project

Business and Technology Discovery – What’s unique about your business?

Discovery begins before we formally engage with you in workshops. We’ll ask you to provide information such as diagrams, systems architectures, process flows and audits, as well as vendors and costs. Our team then completes a thorough analysis, categorizing results into people, process and technology themes that we’ll share during the discovery workshop.

Technology Strategy Development – What does a “day in the life” look like?

The next step is employee focus groups and day-in-the-life sessions that help us understand how teams use existing systems every day. Our team implements Lean tools like SIPOCs and 5Ws to expose barriers and start determining the best mix of public, private and on-premises cloud, and which services (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, etc.) fit your business’ future state vision.

Technology Portfolio Assessment – Where can you invest to save?

Digital transformation necessitates investing in new technologies. It’s our job to ensure those investments pay off in reduced TCO. We’ll make recommendations on the managed cloud services and IT infrastructure that deliver value and carry your digital business into the future.

Technology Roadmaps – How is your IT transformation journey defined?

We’ll give you a three-year roadmap for strengthening cloud technology, security and business processes, tailored to your priorities. We’ll show you what needs to be addressed immediately and initiatives that should follow, including ongoing organizational change management and training.

Strategy Consulting Deliverables – What are you going to get?

  • Stakeholder analysis and communications necessary to enable the activities of this milestone
  • Executive change management plan to communicate the technology strategy to your organization
  • Recommendations for process changes and automation
  • Technology Strategy document and recommendations
    • Includes on premise vs cloud comparison (Public & Private)
    • Microsoft Azure vs. AWS considerations and/or other providers 
    • Insource and outsource recommendations
    • Prioritized list of projects and activities
  • High-level future state roadmap

Servers aren’t great at relationships.
Good thing our team is.

We’re here to listen, collaborate and help you build flexible technology solutions that transform your business.

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