Backup As A Service

Prevent Catastrophic Data Loss Across Your Business

Every business will face a data loss event – it’s not a matter of “if,” it’s a matter of when. Our client-focused, scalable backup and recovery solutions ensure your data is backed up consistently and securely.

Protect your critical data and processes

82% of Enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy to help increase innovation, speed time to market and optimize cost. Backup and recovery solutions need to be designed to handle even the most complicated and diverse environments. Involta BaaS offerings reduce network traffic and provide more efficient backups, defined service level agreements (SLA), simple single-step restoration and auditability to help you meet your compliance needs.

For more information on Involta BaaS Capabilities download the following product specifications.

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Benefits of Multi-Cloud Backup and Recovery Service

  • Use your capital expenditures to fuel your core business, not technology
  • Identify and control operational expenses
  • Backup all your systems to a common point with optional offsite backup copy for extra protection
  • Flexible deployment and scalable capacity
  • Enterprise class service and infrastructure
  • Allow your IT staff to focus on business value, instead of checking backups

Backup as a Service Features

Data where you need it

Whether your data is on-premise, in an Involta data center or in the cloud, it will be backed up to a common point with scalable capacity.

A modern backup architecture

Apply Veeam’s modern backup technology, including Backup Copy jobs with WAN acceleration, forever incremental backups, GFS (grandfather-father-son) retention policies, archive to the cloud, and NAS backup―all built into one product.

End-to-end encryption

Rest easy by encrypting all data at the source (before it leaves your network perimeter), in flight and at rest, without negatively impacting the data reduction ratios of built-in compression and WAN acceleration.


Avoid the risk of catastrophic data loss with a multi-cloud backup strategy

Cloud backup and replication services have become an essential component of backup and recovery strategies. As a Veeam Platinum CSP, Involta provides our clients with the industry’s best cloud backup solutions. This partnership offers fast, secure cloud backup of Veeam’s full suite of cloud backup products, backed by the power of Involta.

Unlimited Backup for Microsoft Office 365

Could your business function without programs, applications, and storage in the cloud? The interconnected nature of a modern work environment demands 24/7/365 connectivity and infinite possibilities for people to collaborate without issue from anywhere in the world.

That takes a lot of computing power. And with the ever-present threat of cyberattacks, backups should be a critical part of your IT strategy.

Switch to Involta + Veeam’s Microsoft Office 365 Backup-as-a-Service to access unlimited backup for your entire company. We’ve got you covered.

Learn more about Involta + Veeam’s Backup Recovery Services, including unlimited backups for Microsoft Office 365.

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Involta Air Gap

Your backups have never been more secure.

As more and more businesses leverage the cloud for services such as backup and disaster recovery, security and data protection are top of mind. Though the cloud is essential in today’s hybrid IT landscape, it isn’t inherently secure. With the threat of ransomware and bad actors at an all-time high, business leaders are searching for new, innovative solutions to protect their businesses.

Involta Air Gap was designed to protect your backups against cyberattacks that target your backup environment by securing your data in an entirely separate offsite location.

Secure your data

By utilizing Involta’s Veeam Cloud Connect service with Insider Protection, your offsite backups are immune from deletion within Involta’s backup infrastructure. Alternatively, Involta can help configure backup jobs to utilize true immutable storage technology in situations where Cloud Connect is not, or cannot, be used.

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Protect Your Business With Involta and Veeam

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