Cloud Connectivity

Seamless, Secure Hybrid Cloud Connection

Businesses today must consider how all their applications and systems connect with each other. In a multi-cloud world, it’s not uncommon to have key business applications spread across both private and several public cloud hyperscale providers. Ensuring access, continuity and security is essential. Involta can help you Get There.


Involta Hyperscale Connect

Involta Hyperscale Connect can seamlessly connect your private infrastructure to your public or private cloud resources with a secure, redundant network that gives you the privacy, reliability and control you’d expect from a high-performance hybrid cloud architecture.

Popular Involta Hyperscale Connections

Azure ExpressRoute

Creates private connections between Azure data centers and infrastructure on your premises or in a colocation environment.

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AWS Direct Connect

Establishes private connectivity between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and your data center, office or colocation environment.

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AWS Transit Gateway

Enables customers to connect their Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) and their on-premises networks to a single gateway.

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Google Cloud Interconnect

Extends your on-premises network to Google's network through a highly available, low latency connection.

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Why Involta Hyperscale Connect?

Involta has partnered with Megaport, the leader in Software Defined Network (SDN) connectivity across private and public cloud. Together, we have been able to help companies solve many IT challenges. 

Building a successful multi-cloud strategy

We provide a vendor neutral connectivity option. One port gives business connectivity to hundreds of hyperscale providers.

Scaling bandwidth on-demand

Bandwidth and level of service is scalable on-demand, allowing teams to perform intensive real-time data transfers with a few simple steps.

Giving DevOps teams the freedom to innovate

When you pair Megaport and Involta Cloud Platform, development teams can work in test and easily transfer to production while mitigating risks.

Mastering BI and Analytics

We enable businesses to provision dedicated, private and reliable connections between data centers on one platform.

Getting to the cloud reliably and easily

We provide a dedicated, private connection from your data center to the CSPs you want to connect to.

The connectivity you want. The security you need.

On-demand, scalable connectivity

  • Involta certified technicians seamlessly manage connectivity
  • Scale right-sized bandwidth when you need it

Multi-cloud hyper-connectivity

  • Build and manage a multi-cloud environment
  • Connect to one or more of over 240 public cloud services

Rapid provisioning

  • Enable a dynamic connectivity strategy in seconds
  • Rapidly build into a global ecosystem of service providers

Controlled costs

  • Lower egress fees for transfer of data across secure, low latency connection
  • Protect your investment with service level agreement (SLA) on connectivity you can’t get with a public Internet connection

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