Cloud Management

Game-changing Cloud Modernization

The cloud helps companies drive huge savings in time and costs. But the cloud also introduces a new set of challenges: complex security and compliance concerns, multi-cloud vendor management, and consumption rate management. Involta’s team of cloud certified engineers and consultants will assist in your company’s implementation and integration of a complete and secure cloud ecosystem.

Agility and freedom in your growing cloud estate

Having the right programs and apps in place on the right cloud platform – public, private, or hybrid – at the right time is essential, but it is an investment for your company. Optimizing cloud resources in order to help the business scale in a cost-effective manner is the foundation of Involta Cloud Management.


Planning Your Cloud Migration

It’s our job to make your cloud migration as seamless as possible, and we start with a deep dive into your environment and configuration. We work together to create a strategic migration plan to help you Get There.

Where Involta can help:

  • Managed Public Cloud Account – remove the headache of hyperscale vendor oversight and gain control over spend.
  • Workload Migrations – let the experts coordinate and execute on all the details of the migration of resources to the cloud.
  • End-User Productivity Services – allow your end users to work seamlessly in the cloud with Managed AWS Workspaces and Microsoft Office 365.
  • Cloud Backup and Archive – deliver next-level data protection of both on premises, hosted and public cloud resources with long term backup and archive solutions.

Let Involta manage your cloud ecosystem

Add governance to provisioning

Standardization is one of the keys to full stack infrastructure management. Adding guardrails for users while creating easier approval checkpoints to workload provisioning helps IT departments know where to focus both time and energy.

Manage cloud spend growth

Despite all the promises of cost savings, enterprises are still seeing bills that are double what was initially forecast. The Involta Cloud PlatformSM has a robust analytics engine that uncovers where spend is occurring by resource, department and at the individual user level, simplifying spend growth and making management easier.

Improve developer service speeds

Businesses need to provide resources to development teams faster. Automation and orchestration help streamline the IT provisioning process, giving development teams access to platform sooner.

Intelligent placement of a workload in a hybrid cloud environment

Being able to have accurate, up-to-date information at the time of a decision is critical to controlling costs and right-sizing an environment. Monitoring analytics and cost data with the Involta Cloud PlatformSM, users can choose the right deployment destination for workloads in real time.

A comprehensive cloud management solution



Orchestration is powered by automation, helping IT departments preserve the agility and self-service model of the cloud while allowing them to retain control.



Transformation services help organizations get into the cloud quickly and efficiently, whether that involves net-new application deployments, refactoring/modernizing, or lift-and-shift.


Optimization ensures that cloud benefits are immediately realized by focusing on cost monitoring and metering, consumption management and cost optimization, and remediation.



Rapid Cloud Governance Assessment through the control of people, processes, tools, and technology provides a quick assessment of all your cloud service usage and settings for rapid risk assessment. In addition, this eliminates elevated costs from unplanned work and shadow IT.

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