Infrastructure As A Service

Secure, Scalable and Predictable Cloud Services

Managing IT infrastructure is no small task – and you shouldn’t have to do it alone. Organizations of all sizes must balance the investment of staffing resources for managing this environment with the responsibility of ensuring security and driving value to their business.

Focus on innovation, not maintenance

For many enterprise companies, IaaS saves money, offers unprecedented peace of mind and clears the road for innovation. When you delegate technical support of server hardware, configuration and operating systems to the Involta technical team, you free your IT department to concentrate on business innovation and revenue-driving initiatives.


  • Allocate capital expenditures to business value rather than IT
  • 24/7/365 certified support
  • Predictable, stable operating expenditure costs
  • Scalable and flexible – Get what you need, when you need it
  • Free your IT department to focus on innovation and revenue-generating initiatives, providing ROI to the business
  • Tailored to meet the needs of customers’ compliance and security needs with flexible management
  • Increased reliability – IT infrastructure hosted in Involta’s high-security, redundant data center facilities
  • Increase productivity with lightning fast deployment
  • Lower total technology cost of ownership

Involta Cloud Responsibility Model


Client Environment

Involta Managed Services

Additional Purchase Required/Involta Serves as Custodian

Managed Firewall*

Provisioning and configuration management

Detection and Prevention


Managed Server*

Provisioning, configuration and maintenance

Access authorization management

SQL Database management


24/7 SOC Services*

Enterprise monitoring

Proactive advisement

Analyzes threats through incident response


Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery*

Provisioning and configuration of backup retention

DRaaS recovery and architecture services


Audit Support*

Evidence collection and control validation

Provides advisory assistance for successful audits





Involta Infrastructure, Virtualization and Storage

  • Redundant, secured segmented architecture
  • Secured virtualization management
  • Access control, activity logging and authorization management security testing
  • Configuration management
  • Security operations monitoring and reporting

Data Center

Involta Facility - Physical and Environmental

  • Environmental protections and facility tiering
  • Video retention
  • Access control, activity logging and authorization management reports

Involta Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) typically includes:

  • Installation – OS setup on physical or virtual systems
  • Configuration – Networking, performance tuning, and customization
  • Security – Access, permissions and processes, log monitoring
  • Management – Backups, patches, firewalls, endpoint protection, 24/7/365 monitoring

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