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Involta CompliantCloudSM Services Platform

How can your business trim IT operating and capital costs – while gaining higher-performing services?

How can you meet the ever-increasing needs of security, storage, regulatory compliance and physical infrastructure for a fixed monthly cost?

The Involta CompliantCloudSM services platform is designed for mission-critical businesses that rely on highly-available, reliable and secure information technology services. You’ll benefit from:

  • Scalability: Add and subtract capacity as your network load dictates. Because cloud computing follows a utility model in which service costs are based on consumption, you’ll only pay for what you use.
  • Easy implementation: With no need to provision hardware and software, you can get a cloud-computing arrangement off the ground rapidly.
  • Additional internal resources: Hand off storage and server needs to Involta so your in-house IT department can focus on business-critical tasks.
  • Unmatched service: Involta’s rigorous procedures, deep pool of experts and 24/7/365 presence ensure you’ll be in good hands in case of a disruption or emergency situation. There’s a reason our brand promise includes the phrase “People Who Deliver.”
  • Cost savings: Cloud computing typically produces significant savings in direct and indirect administrative costs compared to self-hosted infrastructure.

Designed for performance, security and compliance, Involta CompliantCloudSM is hosted in the enterprise-class, concurrently maintainable data center facilities that Involta customers have trusted for years.

Why choose Involta CompliantCloudSM?

  • Scalable and flexible with defined, stable costs
  • Encrypted, scalable and reliable architected storage
  • Data-centric backup architecture you can count on reducing backup windows, easy retrieval and rapid recovery in case of an event or disaster
  • Custom compute environments to match your business drivers
  • Hosted in secure, SSAE 16 audited, enterprise-class data center facilities
  • Frees you to allocate capital expenditure dollars for business value instead of technology infrastructure
  • Achieve better alignment between business and IT to deliver business outcomes

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