• Protect your critical data and processes.

Involta CompliantCloudSM Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Involta CompliantCloudSM backup and recovery service is a complete solution to keep your company in business. We protect:

  • Physical servers
  • Virtualized environments
  • Remote offices
  • NAS
  • Desktop/laptop
  • Complex enterprise applications, including Microsoft® SQL, SharePoint, Exchange and Oracle

Involta solutions are built on industry-leading platforms and safeguarded by the security of Involta’s world-class, concurrently maintainable data centers.

These integrated services reduce network traffic and provide more efficient backups, defined service level agreements (SLA), simple single-step restoration and auditability to help you meet your compliance needs.

Be 100% confident in your backup solution

The fact is, virtually every business will face a data loss event. How prepared is your business to respond?

Is your current recovery solution an outdated and cumbersome tape solution? Are you absolutely confident the data has been backed up and can be recovered in the time frame required to minimally impact the business?

Involta has the expertise and technology to secure your future. Benefits of Involta’s backup and recovery services include:

  • Use capital expenditures to fuel the business, not technology
  • Identify and control operational expenses
  • Back up systems to a common point
  • Flexible deployment and scalable capacity
  • Enterprise-class service, monitored with industry-leading infrastructure
  • Use IT staff to focus on business value, not backups

Involta CompliantCloudSM delivers computing power, storage and data protection in a robust, compliant and fully redundant package, allowing you to focus on business application investment rather than infrastructure expenses.

Other backup solutions often exceed their limits when dealing with VMware, NAS, remote offices and desktop/laptops. Involta services are designed to handle backup requirements for the most complicated and diverse environments. We address this scenario through Involta CompliantCloudSM Backup and Recovery Service with granular, global, client side deduplication.

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