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Tighter uptime requirements. Auditors digging deep into processes and controls. Constant threat of disasters and data breaches loom over your head.

Your IT has never been this complex and challenging to manage.

Yet few organizations can justify the expense of maintaining an in-house team of enterprise IT security and infrastructure management experts. Ideally, the organization’s IT resources should be focused on core business competencies.

Enter Involta. We are your unbiased expert partner for technology changes, decisions and infrastructure optimization. Involta technology consulting is for organizations that want to:

  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Reduce IT operating and capital expenses
  • Reduce time to market through increased process efficiency
  • Address concerns about data center age or efficiency
  • Develop or improve IT process management
  • Address a pressing need for infrastructure
  • Implement disaster recovery or business continuity preparations

Common triggers for engaging Involta include major infrastructure changes, such as mainframe migration or data center buy vs. build analysis, disaster recovery and business continuity plan updates and audit preparation.

Involta has the deep expertise necessary to help your organization manage change and optimize operations without compromising security, compliance or customer service delivery.

Involta becomes an extension of your team, allowing your front-line IT staff to stay focused on core business activities while your company evolves to the next level of operational excellence.

Explore Involta's consulting solutions:

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Ensure your organization can stand up to hackers, disasters and strict compliance pressures.

Process and Performance

Streamline your process to improve financial and operational performance.

Costs and Capabilities Optimization

Build IT capacity, cut costs and guard assets.

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