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    Optimize your IT investment.

Cost and Capabilities Optimization

Build IT capacity, cut costs and guard assets with Involta consulting solutions designed to optimize your capabilities and costs.

  • Technology Assessment
  • Active Directory Assessment
  • Virtualization Assessment
  • Storage Assessment
  • Backup Assessment
  • Unified Messaging Review
  • Telecom Review

Technology Assessment

Is your technology infrastructure and management fulfilling your organization’s needs in a cost-effective, performance-optimized manner?

Is it configured to continue meeting those needs in the future?

An unbiased Technology Assessment from Involta provides a valuable perspective on your organization’s technology ecosystem. Involta aligns the assessment to your areas of concern and your process or governance methodology, such as ITIL® or Six Sigma.

Your Technology Assessment can encompass:

  • Existing projects
  • Budget
  • Staffing
  • Documentation, policies and procedures
  • IT user satisfaction
  • Networking infrastructure condition and performance
  • Website hosting, maintenance, operations cost and external-facing vulnerabilities
  • Custom applications

The assessment identifies major areas of concern and performance optimization opportunity and proposes solutions that meet your financial and operational needs.

Active Directory Assessment

Does logging into your system take (approximately) forever?

Do your password and user access policies protect your customers’ private information?

What network infrastructure will you need in case of disaster?

Active Directory Assessments document and assess your critical IT infrastructure, including trusts, domains and their controllers, site specific information, namespace and resolution, authentication and authorization, replication effectiveness, group policies and organizational units.

With regard to your organization’s internal standards, regulatory commitments and security needs, Involta will evaluate:

  • Directory Services used (such as Microsoft’s Active Directory or the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) within the network environment)
  • Use of Domain Name Service (DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
    Password and user access policies
  • Network infrastructure needed for disaster recovery and backup services
  • Use of network-based vulnerability scans, penetration tests, or reports
  • Any applications used to monitor the network, servers and applications
  • Use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Use of any third-party cloud-based IT services (such as Google Apps, iCloud, Carbonite)

Active Directory Assessments can solve long logon times or difficulty in accessing or assigning resources. They are also a valuable means of preparing for disaster recovery and business continuity planning and documenting critical systems in anticipation of, or reaction to, business changes.

Virtualization Assessment

Are you getting the full benefits of your virtual environment?

Virtual environments offer your organization unmatched flexibility and scalability in terms of cost and performance – but not without an architectural schema tailored for your needs.

Virtualization Assessments review and document your existing virtualization infrastructure and analyze resource allocation and patterns of consumption. These findings are then used to design an optimal private hosting environment.

In other words, Virtualization Assessments allow your organization to realize the full cost and performance advantages of virtualization.

Storage Assessment

Suboptimal storage management is costly – not to mention frustrating if you are not getting the accessibility, security, or performance you need. Your organization will benefit from a Storage Assessment if:

  • Your systems are nearing capacity
  • Your data storage needs are growing rapidly
  • Your infrastructure is aging
  • You need to optimize your allocation of limited IT resources

Involta Storage Assessments document your organization’s storage needs, administration, growth plans, tiering and Total Cost of Operations (TCO). This information can be used to refine your data storage capacity and management to meet your needs for security, privacy, data accessibility, synchronous replication and cost-effectiveness.

Backup Assessment

How comfortable are you with the cost, performance and integrity of your organization’s backup systems?

Backup Assessment addresses critical issues like backup jobs not completing, large percentages of staff time being dedicated to resolving backup failures, and system replacement being considered. Involta will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s backup, including:

  • Processes and procedures
  • Staff resources dedicated
  • Percentage completion
  • Time to complete
  • Level of performance with respect to restore
  • Infrastructure integrity
  • Areas of concern and opportunity

Backup Assessment provides your organization with an unbiased third-party perspective that can inform backup infrastructure decisions.

Unified Messaging Review

Your organization likely dedicates significant resources on telephone and other communications infrastructure. Yet the performance and cost of this area is often overlooked.

With a Unified Messaging Review, Involta will perform a comprehensive inventory and evaluation of your organization’s telephone usage, cellular service, hardware, operational costs and overall performance.

Involta will identify needed or potential improvements, including any changes necessary to update the existing telephone system to current industry standards.

Telecom Review

The forgotten piece of many company IT infrastructures, but every bit as vital as power, cooling and storage.

Involta will review your telecom environment for feature utilization, business importance, business continuity and fraud protection. We have a cadre of engineers with expertise in all segments of the telecommunications industry, from design to operations.

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