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Critical Infrastructure Protection

Ensure your organization can stand up to hackers, disasters and strict compliance pressures with Involta solutions designed to protect critical infrastructure.

  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Penetration Test
  • Security Assessment
  • Compliance Review
  • Business Continuity Planning

Vulnerability Scans

Your internal networks and systems and external-facing devices should be scanned periodically to help maintain compliance and protection.

Vulnerability scans are required by most compliance standards – and for good reason.

Not only do they preemptively discover vulnerabilities that could open your sensitive systems to intrusion, they can also detect unauthorized internal activity, such as privilege escalation.

The Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report found that about 14% of data breaches occur due to insiders with malicious intent. (Network World)

Vulnerability scans can be performed independently or as part of a comprehensive security assessment.

Penetration Tests

Could a determined threat actor penetrate your IT infrastructure? Performing a proactive penetration test is a better way to find out than waiting for hackers to show you your vulnerabilities.

Performed within a defined scope and time of execution, penetration tests identify exploits that make your system vulnerable to attack from without or within. Those exploits are then eliminated or mitigated with compensating measures.

Penetration tests are required by some compliance standards.

Involta performs penetration tests independently and as part of comprehensive security assessments.

Even if your organization is not required to conduct them, it would be wise to incorporate them into your periodic security review process to mitigate the significant reputational and financial risks of a data breach.

To learn more about penetration testing and how it can protect your business, read our blog from January 2018.

Security Assessments

How safe are your critical IT assets and infrastructure?

What documented measures do you have in place to guard against the significant threat vectors of social engineering and physical compromise? Are your networks and critical process applications monitored for intrusion 24/7/365?

Robust security measures are not just important for regulatory compliance. As ransomware and other threats proliferate in every corner of the globe, your enterprise’s reputation and bottom line are at stake every single day.

Involta’s security assessment provides a comprehensive review of your security environment and culture, utilizing a series of automated tools and analysis from experienced personnel. Involta customers use the security assessment as an input to overall strategic planning, for external audit preparation, and to establish benchmarks for tracking organizational change or effectiveness.

Involta security assessments may include:

  • Vulnerability scans
  • Penetration tests
  • Security policy reviews
  • File structure protection
  • Password strength
  • Physical security audit
  • Comparison to industry standards
  • Social engineering challenges

Compliance Review

With the right systems in place, maintaining and documenting compliance with regulatory standards like PCIDSS and SOX doesn’t have to be a source of concern or friction.

Involta Compliance Assessments assist your enterprise in preparing for external reviews of regulatory compliance for a variety of industry and federal standards.

Whether your organization abides by HIPAA/HITECH, PCIDSS, SOX, JSOX, NIST 800-53 or another standard, we have the experience to help you achieve and demonstrate compliance. Involta’s own internal control processes and best-in-class data center facilities are audited annually against the demanding SOC 1 and SOC 2 standards.

In conjunction with your review, we can help with programmatic plans, templates and tools to make demonstrating ongoing compliance a seamless part of your everyday operations.

Business Continuity Planning

The business consequences of a disaster range from minor inconvenience to complete catastrophe. What makes the difference?

Business continuity planning.

Involta can help you keep critical commerce and communication systems up and running – no matter what happens. Using a business-driven approach, our experts are skilled in the art of risk mitigation, providing the necessary balance between protection and cost.

We deploy deep industry expertise, state-of-the-art tools, and best-in-class program management to deliver business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.

Involta CompliantCloudSM Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) leverages our enterprise-class data center facilities built in geologic safe zones to deliver highly available and reliable infrastructure, allowing you to:

  • Protect your commerce, communication, and production environments in high-security data center facilities
  • Round out your risk management and planning team
  • Add secondary facilities to your roster

A comprehensive business continuity solution gives you ongoing peace of mind. It is a guardian standing between you and devastation.

When – not if – disaster impacts your business, business continuity planning frees you to focus on taking care of your staff, clients and core business.

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