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    Optimize IT operations, decisions and transitions.

IT Management

IT has never been this complex and challenging to manage – and the stakes have never been higher. Uptime requirements are getting tighter. Auditors are digging deeper into processes and procedures. New threats – from ransomware to zero-day exploits – are emerging constantly.

Depending upon your specific situation, Involta can provide cost/benefit analysis, total cost of operations projections, or guide you through a new process for strategically managing your IT environment. We can assist your enterprise with:

  • Merger/acquisition IT consolidation
  • Personnel transition at the CIO/CTO and director-level IT positions
  • Major infrastructure changes (mainframe migration, data center buy vs. build, platform considerations for compute, network, storage and backup)
  • ITIL implementation
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning (DR/BCP)
  • Internal compliance reporting and process development
  • Audit preparedness
  • Security and internal controls

Another approach useful to customers is the development of a Technology Plan, reflecting the input from the business, budget, infrastructure (hardware, software and processes) and technological change. Often referred to as Portfolio Management, this process may encompass all the elements of providing IT services within a small, medium or large enterprise.

The Involta team has the experience and skills necessary to help your organization manage change without compromising security, compliance or customer service delivery. Involta brings extensive industry experience to the table, which means you will get your implementation completed correctly the first time.

We become an extension of your team, allowing your front-line IT staff to stay focused on mission-critical activities while your company evolves to the next level of operational excellence.

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