• Streamline technology management and customer outcomes.

Process and Performance

Streamline your processes and technology transitions with Involta consulting services designed to safeguard financial and operational performance.

  • Migration Services
  • Data Center Operations Review
  • ITIL® Implementation
  • HIPAA Effectiveness Review

Migration Services

Migrations carry the risk of service interruptions, security breaches and disastrous financial losses. A documented process for migration will reduce of migration risks and minimize downtime.

Whether transitioning from one data source to another or executing a complete physical data center move, engage Involta to ensure every aspect of your transition is secure. Involta engages in the migration process at all levels – planning, execution, testing and responsiveness.

We have the experience and project management resources to coordinate network, storage, backup, or compute migration projects, either with your internal team or independently.

Involta migration management is customized to your needs. We can:

  • Manage connectivity needs and timelines
  • Consider best applications of technology refreshes
  • Minimize network hiccups
  • Avoid storage downtime
  • Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Keep the business backed up while compute resources are redirected
  • Provide vendor coordination if systems need to be recertified
  • Handle testing if failover schemes need to be exercised

With Involta involved, you can have confidence in the preparation, communication and execution during your critical transition.

Data Center Operations Review

Does your enterprise have one or more private data centers? Are they as secure, available, resilient, cost-effective and high-performance as you’d like?

Involta’s superior facilities use qualified and experienced personnel, defined processes, automated tools, 24/7/365 monitoring and security management to achieve operational excellence across its entire fleet.

We bring the same suite of strengths to your data center operations to improve availability and resiliency, manage costs and optimize performance.

Involta will conduct an in-depth review of overall data center “health,” including a site evaluation, threat and risk analysis, Total Cost of Operations (TCO) over a time period you define, and an executive summary of costs, challenges and opportunities.

Additionally, Involta’s Network Operations Center can provide the internal and external contacts needed for incident and problem notifications to suppliers and customers.

ITIL® Implementation

Though most enterprise-level IT organizations have support processes in place, all too often those processes are not optimized for customer outcomes.

It’s important to remember that your customers are not buying technology from you – they’re buying the solution to a problem or a service to fulfill a particular need. Consequently, for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction, you need to manage technology strategically to achieve a delivered service outcome.

That’s where IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) comes in. ITIL® articulates best-practice guidelines, processes and functions for technology support so you can better serve your customers.

Involta has successfully implemented ITIL® across organizations for over a decade.

In our experience, selective implementation of the ITIL® framework is a powerful move that helps you:

  • Streamline and standardize customer communication
  • Manage technology proactively and get out of reactive mode
  • Close the gap between your technology vision and current reality
  • Attain clarity regarding the role of technology in your organization’s goals
  • Better communicate the value of your services

In short, ITIL® offers potent metrics, insights and processes that impact your bottom line.

Involta’s process typically begins with an ITIL® maturity assessment that identifies quick wins and lays out a map or path that defines the stages of implementation, the project elements to advance, the associated costs and the milestones to measure.

Whether managing change in a configuration control environment, tracking incidents to identify trends and correct problems, improving availability and forecasting capacity capabilities, or just moving ahead on a service catalog, Involta can either coach within the business environment or develop the tools necessary for success.

HIPAA Effectiveness Review

Compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) can be a headache.

Whether you’re a healthcare organization or a provider of payment processing, data analytics, collections or other services, HIPAA guides your internal processes related to data handling and protection.

Involta HIPAA Effectiveness Reviews set your enterprise up for success in external reviews. We can help you prepare for and complete selected steps of HIPAA compliance audits, proactively identify issues, and streamline internal processes and procedures to make your HIPAA compliance frictionless.

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