• Supporting manufacturing systems in a highly secure, externally audited and redundant hosting environment.

    Scalable and flexible IT solutions customized for manufacturers.

Involta CompliantCloudSM

Robust IT infrastructure is now non-negotiable for manufacturing businesses. But significant staff time, capital and other resources are required to maintain those physical and virtual IT environments. And, often, those resource expenditures deliver little ROI to the business.

Focus on business innovation rather than IT management and maintenance

With the Involta CompliantCloudSM, Involta maintains the IT infrastructure within high-security, redundant and SOC 1 and SOC 2 audited data center facilities. By resolving operational and facility concerns, manufacturing organizations can invest more attention, staff time and capital resources to their core business, freeing up IT departments to concentrate on business innovation and revenue-driving initiatives.

Benefits of Involta CompliantCloudSM

  • Allocate capital resources to business innovation rather than IT
  • High-availability architecture
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and support
  • Predictable, stable operating expenses
  • Scalable and flexible – get what you need, when you need it
  • Free your IT department to focus on innovation and revenue-generating initiatives, providing ROI to the business
  • Streamline regulatory compliance and audit readiness with Involta Audit Advisory Services
  • Security – mitigate social engineering vulnerability and other potential issues posed by self-hosted IT
  • Increased reliability – IT infrastructure hosted in Involta’s high-security, redundant, SOC 1 and SOC 2 audited data center facilities
  • Increase productivity with automated provisioning deployment
  • Integrate Compute Services with other Involta CompliantCloudSM solutions
  • Lower total technology cost of ownership 

Evaluate, collaborate and envision IT strategies that drive business growth

Manufacturing companies are now facing tighter uptime requirements. Auditors continue to dig deeper into processes and controls. The constant threat of disasters and data and security breaches loom over your head. Manufacturing organizations IT infrastructure has never been this complex and challenging to manage. Involta is equipped to help. As an unbiased expert partner for technology changes, decisions and infrastructure optimization, Involta technology consulting can help you evaluate major infrastructure changes, disaster recovery plan updates and audit preparation.

Benefits of Involta Consulting Solutions

  • Provide assessments of critical IT infrastructure, process and performance analysis and cost and capabilities optimizations.
  • Preparation of detailed findings for assessments, delivered in executive level reports and dashboards
  • Assistance with remediation of findings from assessment
  • Help implement change control board and other recommended processes
  • Review IT staff and processes to gauge skill sets relative to assigned roles and process maturity relative to ITIL standards.
  • Analyze core components of IT infrastructure (compute, storage, network, and telephony services, others) against industry standards and capacities
  • Analyze potential security vulnerabilities and risks


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