• Providing peace of mind to companies with Involta DRaaS and BCP Services.

    Providing peace of mind with Involta DRaaS and BCP Services.


The business consequences of a disaster range from minor inconvenience to complete catastrophe. A disaster can put technology companies that manage and host client data sets and physical infrastructure out of business. While being identified as one of the most critical risks to address, it is also identified as one of the last things that most companies choose to address due to an antiquated perception that disaster recovery (DR) is too expensive and can’t fit into the budget. These companies fail to consider not having access to critical IT systems: every hour the systems are down is costing these businesses money and potentially its life.

Involta CompliantCloudSM Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) leverages enterprise-class data center facilities built in geologic safe zones to deliver highly available and reliable infrastructure, allowing companies to:

  • Significantly reduce Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) with no performance impact to production infrastructure
  • Reduce complexity in the replication architecture while still providing virtual machine granularity with integration into the corporate virtualization management interface
  • Protect commerce, communication, and production environments replicating these systems to offsite, high-security data center facilities
  • Round out risk management and planning team
  • Add secondary facilities to IT footprint

Business Continuity Planning

With security breaches and IT outages in the headlines on a daily basis, technology companies have implemented numerous versions of backup and have even added offsite replication to their service catalog as ways to protect their customer’s data. Without a well-defined and frequently tested DR and Business Continuity Plan (BCP), companies frequently find themselves stressfully scrambling to get customers data and systems back up and running. Involta can help keep critical systems up and running using a business-driven approach. Involta experts are skilled in the art of risk mitigation and versed to provide the necessary balance between protection and cost.

Involta deploys deep industry expertise, state-of-the-art tools, and best-in-class program management to deliver business continuity and disaster recovery solutions providing peace of mind during a disaster.

Involta Business Continuity Planning services include:

  • Business impact analysis
  • Risk identification
  • Threat assessment
  • System characterization
  • Help develop the DR/BCP or continuity of operations plan
  • Services can include training of personnel if desired
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