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Network security solutions

Make your network smarter, stronger and more resilient to threats by engaging Involta’s skilled team of security experts. 

We will assist your organization to define and execute key security initiatives, such as:

Identify critical business processes and the associated failure risks
These risks can include concerns over financial loss, damage to reputation, loss of intellectual property, devaluation of goods, regulatory requirements and other business-specific risks.
Identify failure conditions for each critical business process
We’ll identify how specific system compromises or failures can affect a business process and how likely they are. These risks are then aligned with a management strategy: funding the development of detection methods for identified failure conditions, implementing corrective measures where plausible, and developing compensating controls.
Map failure modes to specific responses
This is critical to managing risks that demand a response, such as disclosure of data that may have reporting requirements, the failure of a system that may require administrative maintenance to return to service, or a specific failure mode that requires interruption of some activity to prevent financial loss.
Install controls and operational monitoring
This ensures that when a failure mode occurs it is detected immediately and results in the enactment of an appropriate response.

If you need to enhance your security measures but don’t have the resources to hire a full-time security expert, Involta can work with your IT team to implement a security plan that will ensure your critical processes stay in place during an attack.

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White paper  3 Critical Elements for Aligning Technology to the Business Download Now
White paper  3 Critical Elements for Aligning Technology to the Business Download Now
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