IT Security is at the core of everything we do.

Your company’s IT security is our top priority. The Involta team has been prioritizing security and compliance since we opened our first data center over 15 years ago. Security is about more than protecting client environments and neutralizing potential threats before they can impact operations. It’s about creating a culture of security that everyone can get behind.

We’re proud of the security offering we’ve built. We’ve put the best products, services and partnerships together to provide our clients with nothing but leading-edge IT security.

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Our team of security experts is equipped with an arsenal of cyberwar defense technologies.

Cloud Security Services

The cloud offers convenience and enhanced productivity, but comes with a greater risk for cyber threats. Protect your critical data, processes and environments with our suite of cloud security services.

Security Consulting

Sometimes, you just need to take a closer look “under the hood” to get a solid handle on the status of your company’s security posture. Our comprehensive assessments and security engagements provide insight and recommendations for protecting your business better.

Managed Security

IT security is an around-the-clock, 24/7/365 job – but it doesn’t have to be your job. That’s where Involta’s managed security services come in. Allow us to monitor your environments, find potential vulnerabilities and solve issues on your behalf. The Involta team has got you covered.

  • AI Phishing Awareness

  • Security Testing

  • Network Vulnerability Scan

  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Services MDR and XDR

Compliance Services

Between tough regulations and tight budgets, the price of compliance is growing. The need to be more strategic, identify new risks and support business growth are all becoming part of the role compliance plays. Involta’s Compliance Services give you an intelligent roadmap that ensures you meet expanding expectations and budgetary constraints.

  • Governance Risk and Compliance Assessment

  • Security Policy Starter Kit

  • vCISO Engagement

Security Strategies Developed For Highly Regulated Industries


Visibility and protection throughout your facilities and across your entire value chain.


Proprietary toolsets developed specifically for patient privacy, compliance and resilience.


Cutting-edge solutions focused on protection and new tactics such as password spraying and card cracking.

Financial Services

100% uptime SLAs enabled by purpose-built data centers and dedicated security team monitoring.


Involta is expanding our security services with the help of our new partner, HacWare. HacWare, an AI-driven cybersecurity awareness and training Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, will send our clients a personalized phishing campaign to help them identify email phishing attacks and what to do when they come across one. Our clients will expand their cybersecurity knowledge through awareness and training to solve the number one cause of data breaches—human error.

We’re extremely proud of this partnership for many reasons. HacWare was founded by an entrepreneurial woman, Tiffany Ricks. Not only is her product both superior and necessary in today’s security landscape, but she is also a true role model for our industry’s next generation of female leaders.

Servers aren’t great at relationships.
Good thing our team is.

We’re here to listen, collaborate and help you build flexible modern technology solutions to transform your IT strategy.

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