Your Security Posture

Security consulting is your solution to the dilemma of having minimal resources to handle the latest cyber-attacks, threats and vulnerabilities. Involta’s Security Consulting and Assessment services provide a comprehensive review of your security environment, giving you confidence in the actions you take to protect your operations, facilities and assets.

Building a security roadmap

Protecting your IT assets and infrastructure is critical to your bottom line, but it can be daunting to keep up with the ever-changing cyber threat landscape. Your organization can be challenged with constant review and analysis of new risks, threats and vulnerabilities that can adversely impact your business. Involta’s Security Consulting Services give you a security roadmap with recommended solutions aligned to your current IT landscape and strategic business goals.

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Business benefits

  • Our long-term, mature security roadmap will accelerate your security return on investment (ROI).
  • We can keep your company up-to-date on the latest industry compliance and regulatory requirements that continue to evolve and may impact your business.
  • We can be an extension of your in-house security team, freeing them up to focus on other projects.
  • We will create a robust security environment that works with your business objectives, goals and metrics that keep the business moving forward.

The first line of defense is awareness

You need innovative, advanced security for your virtual and physical IT security. We’ll help you Get There with an environmental assessment. By identifying the right measures to support business needs, we’ll help protect your business and ensure industry compliance.

  • Cybersecurity assessments and vulnerability scans
  • Internal auditing, including file structure protection, password strength and a physical security audit
  • Review of physical and logical network designs
  • Social engineering challenges
  • Quarterly network and application vulnerability scanning
  • Monthly internal vulnerability scanning

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Customize your security plan

We’ll work alongside you to customize and deploy a security plan that fits your business needs and industry compliance standards.


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