About Involta

Involta is an innovative agent of change that delivers world-class data center facilities, connectivity and infrastructure solutions designed to meet the most stringent security requirements. We’re committed to enabling clients to transform their worlds through technology. Our technology innovations secure your data—and our people earn your trust.

Providing advanced hybrid cloud solutions, superior data center experiences and first-class fiber and connectivity services, Involta offers a distinctive combination of robust technology and rigorous processes underscored by concierge-level care from passionate people that truly deliver.

We have continually evolved over the past two decades, and today we stand as an enterprise provider, empowering our clients to harness the power of technology—without sacrificing the grounded, thoughtful and individualized approach of a trusted regional partner. Our team is always looking to deliver an unparalleled dedication to outstanding experiences that enable our clients to change their worlds for good.

A different kind of partnership

Every company, large or small, knows they need secure, modern technology solutions to transform their IT strategy. No matter where you are in the process, there are a lot of choices to be made about partners, technologies and systems—whether you’re choosing between public or private cloud, or colocation or on-premise software.

Every industry and every company is different, and every digital transformation requires the right hybrid IT partner to ensure a seamless migration or deployment.

Involta doesn’t shortchange our infrastructure or managed services. We integrate security best practices and leverage every tool in our toolbox to help you reimagine your world through our technology.

We go beyond hardware and software to cultivate long-lasting relationships with our partners. We create purpose-built data centers from the ground up, supplementing colocation with strategic, security-focused consulting and managed servicesand we’re constantly exploring new hybrid options for public and private cloud.

Involta Brand Promise

We believe in:

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People Who Deliver

About Involta’s founding

Many of the Involta management team members have worked together as partners and coworkers for over 20 years.

The beginning

The evolution of Involta began with the founding of Technology Resources Company (TRC) in 1998. CoVault Technology, LLC (CoVault) was founded in early 2006 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Involta was formed in 2007 through the merger of TRC and CoVault. The combination of CoVault, the only colocation data center company in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City corridor, with the data management expertise of TRC created a company that prioritized IT security, both housing and providing support for clients’ increasingly critical data infrastructure.

The combined companies provided both the physical facilities and technical expertise necessary to secure data and provide disaster recovery services for businesses’ critical data infrastructure.

Involta continues to expand

In 2015, Involta acquired substantially all of the assets of Data Recovery Services, LLC (DRS), a managed-services and IT consulting firm operating in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Acquired assets included more than 6,500 fiber route miles in Ohio and western Pennsylvania, and two Youngstown-based data centers owned and operated by DRS. BluPraire, acquired in 2018, expanded Involta’s Hybrid Cloud, managed services and cloud consulting services. Involta is now offering a full suite of cloud services, from ideation and strategic planning to enterprise and solution architecture, as well as consulting services for business process improvement and organizational change management.

Both acquisitions have enabled Involta to leverage the capacities and strengths of each company to better serve mid-market and enterprise clients with world-class IT infrastructure and services.

In 2022, funds managed by Carlyle (NASDAQ: CG) acquired Involta, expanding Involta’s ability to provide innovative, security-focused cloud and edge solutions. The investment positioned Involta to build on its national market leadership while continuing to serve and grow in existing markets.

The flood

June 13, 2008 marked a historical–and devastating–day in Involta’s hometown. It’s the day the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids, IA crested to its highest level ever: 31.12 feet. The flood waters engulfed 10 square miles (14%) of the city. This monumental flood impacted more than 5,000 homes, dislocated 18,000 residents and damaged more than 300 city facilities.

Involta employees, families and friends rose to the occasion and helped the city and Involta clients maintain business as usual in spite of the flooding. Many ran the stairs, sandbagged, waded in the water, continuously replenished supplies, carried gas cans, worked through the night, changed hoses, ran extension cords and poured their sweat, heart and soul into saving critical aspects of our clients’ businesses.

Through the company’s “Involta Gives Back” program, employees have volunteered hundreds of hours of personal time towards various community activities and charitable support and sit on the boards of local nonprofit organizations.

Read more about the historic Cedar Rapids flood of 2008 or view a picture slideshow.

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